A GameBoy on your iPhone? So you can do it

Who does not remember the GameBoy, right? Today, nostalgia is a claim when it comes to selling “technology from the past, but today”. And it is that, if you have an iPhone 14 Pro Max, an iPhone 11, an iPhone 13 Pro or any other, you can also have a gameboy to play. We are not talking about emulators, as is usual for these cases. So if you want to know how to do it, here we explain it to you.

So you can have a functional GameBoy on your iPhone to play

As we have said, we are not going to talk about emulators or third-party applications. In fact, what we are going to talk about is a case for your iPhone. Yes, you read it right. A case that, in addition to protecting our iPhone, works and It is used to play classic console games and arcade machines. Do you want to play Mario Bros on your iPhone? You will not need to download any game. All you have to do is turn your mobile, press the power button on the cover, and start playing the classic Mario Bros from the first NES. It may sound bizarre, since until relatively recently, the covers that imitated the GameBoy were just that, aesthetic imitations.

This case can be purchased on Amazon, and is from the LucBuy brand. It has a color screen (don’t expect a 4K screen, but at least the games are in color), mono sound, and can be charged with a micro USB cable provided by the manufacturer. It sounds strange to make this description, when what we are talking about is a cover. Not a retro console as such. But that is not all. It has 36 games in his memory, its full battery charge lasts one hour and lasts between 4 and 6 hours of play. We repeat: yes, we are talking about a phone case.

It is compatible with many iPhones

Also, whatever iPhone you have, you can have your own GameBoy. They currently sell models from iPhone X up to iPhone 14 Pro Max. A GameBoy for each iPhone, and never better said. The construction materials are TPU (hard plastic) for the chassis of the case, and soft rubber for the buttons. As for these, the controls are very simple: crosshead, A and B buttons, pause button, sound button, on/off button and reset button. And a red LED to indicate that the battery is charging.

iphone case gameboy

It is a very cool and colorful cover. That beyond being a cosmetic “gimmick”, because it imitates the style of the GameBoy, it is functional and you can play with it. As data, this cover does not need any kind of connection with the iPhone to work. No Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or downloading apps from the App Store required. In the same way, that the games that it has in memory cannot be expanded. Likewise, it also does not require using the iPhone’s Lightning port, so you can connect even more accessories. As a curiosity, you can play with the case without it having to be placed on the iPhone. Undoubtedly, a very curious, showy and also beautiful product.