A good, nice and cheap iPhone? Here it is

If there is an iPhone that people are getting tired of recommending in recent months, it is the iPhone 13 and it is certainly not for less. But how do you stay if I tell you that in addition to all the positive points it has, you can also buy it cheaper now? Well, that is exactly what we want to talk about in this post.

discounts available

As we said, the iPhone 13 is the most recommended device in recent months, and it is that in the end it is a team that has a great balance between what it is capable of offering and what it costs. This movement is also curious, since It has been fostered by the launch of the iPhone 14its consequent price increase and the few differences between these and the iPhone 13.

However, despite the fact that it is a really attractive piece of equipment and suitable for many users, Apple has not lowered its price, although yes, this can be solved and MediaMarkt has done so by lowering the price themselves. If you go to Apple and want to buy the iPhone 13 you will have to pay 909 euros, however, in MediaMarkt you can find it for 819 eurosin its 128 GB version and with all the colors available, that is, a fantastic opportunity both to renew your old iPhone and to finally enter the entire Apple ecosystem.

Perfect accessories for the iPhone 13

Since surely those who buy this device want to have the best possible user experience, for this it is highly recommended to surround the iPhone with the best gadgets or accessories, whatever you want to call them, hence we have made a small compilation with some of the best to which you can choose

  • Anker MagSafe Battery. We are tired of recommending this battery, but it is not for less. It has up to 5000 mAh that will allow you to charge your iPhone several times. Its design is completely Apple and it is really comfortable to use on a day-to-day basis.

Anker Battery

  • Of course, you have to put a case on your iPhone to protect it well, and of course one of the reasons why you bought this device is because of its aesthetics, with this Spigen clear case you will be able to maintain the aesthetics of the equipment while you protect it against possible falls or blows that it may suffer.
  • How could it be otherwise, there is a product that complements the iPhone wonderfully, those are the AirPods, in this case we recommend the AirPods Pro 2nd generationBecause of noise cancellation, sound quality, and comfort, it is difficult to find options that are capable of surpassing them.
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