A Microsoft Play Store on the iPhone? it’s possible

Title: Things within Apple are changing, or rather, they are being forced to change them and one of the numerous consequences that this may have would be totally related to Microsoft, but beware, it could even come in handy for the Cupertino company itself. If you want to know what can happen between these two giants, keep reading that we will tell you everything in this post.

One of the latest rumors that have been known about Microsoft, which is another of the technological giants that has been doing things really well in recent years, is that it could be preparing a launch that, on the one hand, Apple will not like it at all, but if seen from another point of view, the reality is that it could really come in handy for the Cupertino company.

Microsoft’s Play Store for iPhone

It’s nothing new that Apple wants to have everything very controlled, at least everything that has to do with what users of their devices can do within them, and one of the examples that proves this statement is how closed the App Store is. However, although it has many positive things, at some points it can cause users to see themselves a little more withdrawn than in Android when it comes to enjoying some services.

This, as has been known for a long time, is going to change very soon, since the EU will force Apple to allow third-party app stores within its operating systems, including the iPhone, obviously. Due to this movement, Microsoft has gotten down to work to offer all iPhone users the Xbox Games Storethat is, Apple’s Apple Arcade, but from Microsoft, where you can enjoy a large number of games on computers that are amply capable of giving users a really good gaming experience.

apple arcade icon

In fact, it has been his own Phil Spencer, CEO of gaming within Microsoft, who has expressed these intentions on the part of the company. Obviously, this is a decision that Apple will certainly not like, since in the end it will compete directly with Apple Arcade, surely the service that has had less success among Apple users. However, if this movement is looked at from another point of view, it can even be beneficial for the apple company, since it is possible that many users who previously did not buy an iPhone due to this type of restrictions, now are encouraged to try it and they are even much more satisfied than they are currently with their Android devices.

In addition, current iPhone users will also benefit, since they will add one more option when it comes to enjoying playing on their iPhone and, surely, it will force Apple to improve everything that has to do with its gaming service, Apple Arcade, which will result in better games. However, this cannot be done at the moment, since we have to wait for Apple to really enable this option with the arrival, surely, of iOS 17.