A new AI would be on the way on the iPhone thanks to TikTok

That artificial intelligence is fashionable is nothing new. And that companies get on the bandwagon, either. However, what is new is the AI ​​that would be coming to the iPhone, this time from the hand of TikTok. do you want to know what is it about? What will it consist of? Here we tell you all the details!

TikTok’s new AI is in the oven

The name that is known for this new TikTok AI is Taco, and consists of a chat that is within the platform. And although it is not currently a function that is open to the public, it is already being tested “in a very small number of users”, as reported by 9to5Mac. And what is the purpose of this AI? Help users of the platform find content that is of interest to them. But also, as they explain, “answer a range of random questions.”

At the moment, it is not known if Tako is based on its own AI model or if it is powered by models from third-party companies. What is known, thanks to screenshots that The Verge has had access to, is that the interface is really simple. A window in which we have a text bar at the bottom, and the messages appear on the screen.

Users who already have access to this new AI can access it through the side menu on the right hand side of the screen. While the video carousel is playing, there is a ghost-shaped button (reminiscent of the ones in PacMan) and if you click on it, it automatically opens the interface with which you can interact.

“Combined with AI, the recommendations have become increasingly accurate. But beyond that, the more people spend time on TikTok, having a chatbot could be the search engine for many users“, they explain from 9to5Mac. In addition to this feature, “TikTok explained to The Verge that this AI tool is rolling out to select users in the Philippines. But in addition, TikTok has filed an application to register the Tako trademark, which indicates that the company has solid plans for its AI.

AI applications are very present on the iPhone

Although the case of TikTok is proof of a model that would be integrated into the app itself, the truth is that the iPhone already has numerous AI applications for different types of uses. One of them is the official ChatGPT application, with which we can have direct access to the chatbot without having to go to the website, as well as the possibility of subscribing to the ChatGPT+ payment plan, from within the application itself.

chat gpt compatible iphone

Other generative AI models are also implemented in applications. Midjourney or Stable Diffusion can already be used through different apps, in order to generate impressive images in a matter of seconds. But even the ChatGPT model itself is also in other apps that use its API to create assistants and chats with their own interfaces.