With the release of iOS 16.2, one of the novelties, expected by many users, was the renewed HomeKit architecture for Home. However, a week after its launch, Apple had to suspend its operation until further notice, due to the great problems it was generating for users who used it. Now it seems that the company is about to launch a new version that correct the problems and provide a satisfactory user experience.

A new architecture for HomeKit that eliminates the previous problems is already being tested by Apple internally.

It seems that the light is already being seen at the end of the tunnel in regards to HomeKit. It seems that Apple is already available to launch a new version that includes a new Home architecture, thus solving the problems caused previously. At the time of its release with iOS 16.2, everything seemed to be going well until a week later its use had to be discontinued. Some people say their HomeKit devices didn’t get past the “updating” or “setting up” message, while others said their accessories just disappeared from the Home app. So the new architecture is expected to improve all this.

It is not known when Apple will launch the new version but it is known that right now, the company is testing the program internally. Something that has been confirmed by Apple itself. That is why we risk saying that it will be soon when we can see the new version. There has also been an impact on the Internet, On twitter about the programming code. Let’s hope the release happens soon and there are no bugs that were in the previous edition.

we will be pending to inform you when this event occurs and above all we will be waiting to tell you if there is any inconvenience.