A New iPad Dock Is In The Works

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is working on an iPad dock that would enable the tablet to operate as a smart display and speaker. According to reports, the business intends to provide the functionality as early as next year, transforming the iPad into an Amazon Echo Show-like gadget that can be placed on a counter or bedside.

Amazon already offers something similar with their Fire tablets, allowing customers to raise them like a smart display by placing them in a charging station. Last week, Google introduced a docking device for its future Pixel Tablet that would function as both a magnetic charging station and a speaker. Once installed, the tablet will work similarly to a Nest Hub Max, allowing you to manage your smart home through the Home app and communicate with Google Assistant.

Apple Is Creating A New iPad Dock

Gurman suggests that an iPad docking station may function similarly, allowing users to conduct FaceTime calls and handle smart home gadgets hands-free. The business is also working on additional smart home gadgets, such as an upgraded HomePod with an updated display, an S8 processor, and multitouch capabilities, according to Gurman. Gurman claimed last year that Apple is also working on a combined Apple TV and smart speaker gadget with a camera, which he thinks is still in the works.

While the docking station is not yet expected, Apple is expected to release the iPad Pro by the end of this month, featuring 11-inch and 12.9-inch variants, as well as Apple’s in-house M2 processor.