A new iPhone every year? Tim Cook’s opinion

Nowadays, environmental awareness has become an important issue; large companies are under constant control to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Apple, one of the largest and best-known companies in the world, is no exception.

A new iPhone every year?: Tim Cook’s perspective

One of the most interesting topics of the interview was the question of why Apple feels the need to release a new iPhone every year. In a world where durability and waste reduction are increasingly important values, some wonder if this practice is truly sustainable. Tim Cook explained Apple’s perspective on the matter and justified the launch of an annual iPhone with device exchange and recycling programs. Alleging that the company has methods to disassemble and use the materials of used iPhones and manufacture new models with them.

This strategy, which focuses on reuse and recycling, reflects Apple’s commitment to minimizing its environmental impact. The company strives to close the life cycle of its products sustainably and ensure that materials are used responsibly.

The future of the iPhone: Carbon neutral

When asked what an iPhone might look like in 20 or 30 years, Cook didn’t reveal specific details about the device’s future design, but he emphasized one key goal: carbon neutrality.

Tim Cook emphasized that carbon neutrality is an ambitious and essential goal in the fight against climate change, also for Apple. This implies that the manufacturing and use of the products should not generate net carbon emissions, which would significantly contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the technology industry in general.

After Apple’s iPhone 15 event, questions arose about whether the company’s environmental announcements were simply “greenwashing”, that is, a public relations strategy to improve your image without real actions behind them. Cook answered this question flatly.

Here Cook’s response was very interesting, since he confessed that Apple is a company with a lot of secrecy. However, in this sense they want to first carry out their sustainable plan and strategy and then show it to the world because according to Tim Cook himself “they want to be copied in this sense.”

Several examples of concrete actions Apple has taken to reduce its environmental impact were also mentioned, such as transitioning from air to sea transportation to reduce the carbon footprint of logistics and reducing packaging to optimize product transportation. Finally, he emphasized the elimination of plastics and the implementation of sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

Tim Cook on a personal level

In addition to corporate initiatives, Tim Cook also shared some of the actions he takes on a personal level to reduce his carbon footprint. Among them, he highlighted that he drives an electric car and that he tries to avoid the use of plastics and plastic bottles. He also mentioned that he practices recycling.