A new iPhone rumor suggests a change in its cameras

The iPhone is without a doubt Apple’s flagship product, at least for now, and a very good proof of this is that in May 2023 there is already talk of what could come to the iPhone 16 when not even Apple has still presented the iPhone 15. However, if what we are going to tell you finally ends up being fulfilled, these new devices promise to give users a lot of joy.

Despite the fact that there is still more than a year left for it to be known what Apple has prepared for the iPhone 16There are already many rumors on the table for these devices, mainly for the Pro models. And it is that according to various media outlets, these two devices, both the Pro and Pro Max models, or could also be called Ultra, they will change size, adopting the 6.3 and 6.9 inches respectively.

The reason for the increase in size of the iPhone is in its cameras

Initially there were many doubts about the reason that had led the Cupertino company to grow its devices, when really the current sizes already have the approval of the vast majority of the public. However, now that this news has been known, this change makes all the sense in the world.

The photographic and video section It is always vital for Apple, in fact the iPhone is considered one of the best smartphones on the market in this regard, well, in the iPhone 15 Pro Max Apple is going to introduce a periscope lensbeing a completely exclusive function and advantage of this model, with the intention that in 2024 it can also be adopted by the Pro modelbut with a change, an increase in size, since otherwise that periscope lens would not have a hole inside the device.

iPhone cameras

Obviously, given the forced growth of the iPhone 16 Pro, it also causes the iPhone 16 Pro Max to grow in size, which will take advantage of it in a different way, and that is that according to various rumors, Apple will introduce a larger sensor inside this device, thus allowing much more light to enter, considerably improving both photographic and video results. Currently the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 1/1.28-inch sensor, while the “new” iPhone 16 Pro Max has a 1/1.14-inch sensor. In addition, by increasing in size both teams will also have the possibility of having a bigger batterygranting greater autonomy, something that is always highly celebrated by all users.

However, and to finish the post, we want to make special emphasis that this is a rumor that has leaked more than a year before Apple presents said device, so if we already usually recommend taking this type of information with a grain of salt, This time with even more reason, since from now until Apple presents these devices in 2024, many things can happen that modify what, in theory, is the course that the Cupertino company has set with these devices.