The controversy is served or rather the rumors are on the table and we have them of all colors. both Kuo and Ross Young indicate that the idea that Apple could launch an iPhone 15 Pro with solid-state buttons has been ruled out for now and say that if it were to see it, it would be with the iPhone 16. However, now a new rumor has come to the fore Although it does not completely rule out what they say, it does not completely agree with them either. It looks like it can be launched a new terminal with a multipurpose button.

Some analysts have stated that the idea or rumor of being able to see an iPhone 15 Pro with solid-state buttons, which are those that respond haptically to their use and that depending on how they are used they give us one answer or another, it seems that we can give it up as lost. Not at least as we understood at the beginning in which we could see a terminal with the same number of buttons as there are right now in any model, but without protruding from the terminal so it would be thinner and more hermetic.

What the analyst is proposing right now @analyst941 through a message on Twitter is that we could have in our hands at the end of this year, a new model in which we would have a multipurpose button but it would be solid state. depending on your pressure For example, we could focus the camera with a slight pressure and then with a slightly stronger one we would take the image or even video capture.

This button would not be in the middle of the iPhone 15 Pro, that time has passed. We would have it in the place of the mute button.

That is what is provided right now. Tomorrow we will continue to receive information and sure they won’t stop until almost the beginning of the WWDC.