A portable monitor for your Mac? It exists and you can buy it

Have you ever needed a portable external monitor when you have to travel? In this post we are going to analyze one of the best options for when you have to work simultaneously with three screens at the same time to manage your projects quickly, easily and efficiently.

Portable Monitor Features

This portable monitor does not need any external accessories, since it includes all the necessary elements for its correct operation. Package includes 1 x Dual Display, 1 x USB-C to USB-C, 1 x 2USB-A to USB-C Cable. We are going to analyze some of the characteristics of this Gretutu brand monitor.

  • Three Screen Laptop Monitor: This portable monitor allows you to triple the screen of your MacBook by adding two new additional screens where you can divide the workflow into three sections in three different sections.
  • Screen resolution: Despite being a portable monitor and not being integrated into a MacBook or MacBook Pro, it offers full HD resolution quality, with a fairly high image quality to work on everyday tasks. If you need a higher resolution quality, you can use the main monitor for it and the side ones as additional screens.
  • Folding extender: With this folding extender you can adapt the surface of the base of this portable monitor to the measurements of your equipment, that is, you can position it at 13.3 inches, 16 inches and 14 inches. It allows a variety of measures.
  • variable position: It allows you to place the monitors in a horizontal and vertical position and 45º degrees to position it in the way that best suits your way of working.
  • Connection on a line: P2 Pro monitor strengthens port stability, you can connect laptop and display with one cable.
  • 16:9 format, the industry standard resolution where most users are very familiar with such parameters. It is true that it does not count the parameters
  • Monitor Stabilizer: The monitor includes a support on the back that prevents the weight of the product from being concentrated on the monitor, preventing damage to the laptop.

Negative aspects of the portable monitor

How could it be otherwise, this is not a perfect product and in the same way that it has many advantages that make it a fantastic option for many users, you also have to take into account the points where it is weak, we are talking about them next.

  • Does not include batteries: The monitor does not contain an external battery, so the consumption of the portable battery will be high. It is recommended to have it charging to avoid a quick download of Mac.
  • It has a high weight: Both portable monitors have a final weight of 2.45 kg, so if you have to travel a lot with it, it can be quite cumbersome in terms of mobility and weight of the suitcase.
  • Price: It has a high price that is not within the reach of many users, but if you analyze the features it offers and its price, it is the ideal complement if you do not have a fixed work area.

MacBook Pro Accessories

In conclusion, this double monitor is ideal for when you are traveling and need to have several simultaneous screens to carry out management tasks at work or photocompose images. However, if you have an office or stable job, the best option is to buy an external monitor to work in a much more comfortable and elevated way.

Leave us in the comments what do you think of this double monitor and if you would use it in your day to day