A week with my iPhone 15. Happier than a partridge

Before entering fully into this article, I have to say that this device came out of my pocket, that is, Apple has not left us any units and we do not have collaboration with companies to obtain them at a cheaper price. Therefore, these first impressions are not going to be an ode to the great functions of this device, but rather they are going to be a realistic and constructive criticism about what we liked and what we did not like. Consequently, sincerity will be at the forefront at all times. It always hurts to spend 1,000 euros on a mobile phone, but I prefer to speak clearly and sincerely than to deceive our readers who, in the end, are the ones who make this portal work.

everything has improved

Perhaps one of the aspects that I liked the most about this device is the leap it has made in fluidity compared to the first 48 hours that I was with it, where the device was not completely optimized, but not only the battery but the processor and the fluidity that characterizes Apple equipment. In fact, during the first days the battery lost 20% of its capacity in one night, an aspect that really caught my attention, because losing 40-20% in one night is not normal for a device that is theoretically new.

The battery has been improving little by little and it now has a quite logical duration for a device with these features, with a duration of approximately one day or day and a half, although later, we are going to go into detail about this battery issue.

The device also presented some bugs in the first few days with some applications, especially with Twitter, where it would not finish loading the posts when you opened a carousel of images and it would get stuck on the second or third image. This problem has not been completely resolved, but it is true that it now occurs much less frequently.

Regarding the cameras, I was very surprised, especially with the night photography and the cinema mode, which also responds very well at night. The action mode has also given good results, where I have been very happy.

One aspect that I would like to highlight is the x2 mode, and that I have noticed a fairly big jump with respect to the generation and that has prevented me from taking very beautiful photographs in Granada, especially at the viewpoints, taking photographs that until then were impossible to do.

Finally, I am going to talk minimally about the screen, where in my first impressions I said that it had very few differences compared to my previous device, but that is really not the case when you have been with it for several days, especially outdoors. It is true that if you are in the studio and have very controlled lighting conditions, the iPhone 15 does not highlight its full potential, but if you go outside and go to a place with complex and changing light conditions such as a sunset, the device highlights all its benefits and that is when it brings out all its performance.

Two aspects that I would like to highlight

I would like to highlight two aspects that have come to the fore these days regarding the heating of the device. It is true that it is only happening in the Pro and Pro Max models, that is, those that have the latest Apple processor, but it is true that my iPhone 15 when I was working charging through wireless charging got very hot and with my normal cable does not pass that. It’s curious and I suppose that in future updates they will correct this small error.

Another aspect that I do want to highlight is the Instagram application, a true autonomy crusher, capable of reducing 5-10% in 40-50 minutes. Without a doubt, it is the application that requires the most resources and, furthermore, it is the application that consumes them the most. Instagram guys, get your act together because if you continue consuming resources like this, I’m going to end up uninstalling the application.