For a few weeks we have been rumoring about the possibility that the next iPhone 15 would bring with it a great novelty that would mark a before and after in the iPhone. There was talk of the possibility of not having buttons as we know them up to now and of turning them into haptics. That is to say, some buttons that responded according to their pressure and pressing time. With that, it would gain in size and also in practicality in addition to being something new. However it was discarded and now It is said again that they will be incorporated but to the iPhone 16.

The possibility of the new iPhone 15 bringing haptic (solid-state) buttons and not physical ones as we know so far meant a breath of fresh air to the unbearable continuity that Apple suffers with the iPhone. We supposed that this could be an incentive to see new things and think that Apple engineers as well as designers still had fresh ideas. The idea was to be able to add some buttons that did not protrude from the terminal and with that it would gain in size. But above all, something unusual would be achieved lately and that is that it was possible to change the physical appearance of the iPhone, in this case 15 Pro.

The rumors did not hesitate too long and it immediately came to the fore that Apple did not arrive in time to be able to show this new physical aspect on the iPhone and with that the illusion of many was crushed. Now Bloomberg’s Gurman returns to the attack and tells us that this idea has not been discarded and that will be incorporated into the iPhone 16. That is, those of 2024-2025. This information has been reaffirmed by another of the great analysts, Ming Chi Kuo. So if you have recently purchased an iPhone, you may want to not take home the 15 model and calmly wait for the 16 with a year and a half left.