Siri is already a teenager if we compare her existence with the age of people. Since 2010 she has been helping Apple users to be able to make calls, search the Internet or set an alarm. It is true that she is not the best assistant, but she is certainly the most respectful of our privacy and she is not as bad as some would have us believe. However, a new report indicates that she is the most hated assistant even among Apple workers and that makes his future a bit uncertain.

Siri was created in 2007 but it wasn’t until 2010 that Apple noticed the power it could have for the world of technology and what it could help us on a day-to-day basis. Task after task. Since 2010, that means that now that we are in 2023, we are talking about an assistant who has learned a lot, based on many mistakes, that is also true, but right now, it is useful. It’s not funny or it doesn’t tell us stories like other assistants do, but it doesn’t invade our privacy either and perhaps that makes it not as complete as the rest, but it is enough to work well.

In my case, it is an assistant who always comes with me. I ask for her help to make calls about everything and from the watch. I schedule tasks and alarms and it has never failed me. It is true that if 5G is not going too well, or if you ask it for a somewhat complicated task, it will immediately give up. Perhaps for this reason, the new report from The Information touches on the apparent chaos within the Apple teams working on Siri: “organizational dysfunction and lack of ambition” they have plagued Apple’s efforts to improve Siri and the backend technology that powers it.

In this report and after many interviews, it has been concluded that Siri is based on a not very good database, which ultimately leads to the assistant taking up to weeks to update with and that’s speaking of basic functions. According to the specialized media, Apple lost three of its Siri engineers to Google, for the reasons discussed above.

Not looking good for Siri