iOS 18 has revised almost every nook and cranny of the operating system with new functions, from small native apps like Notes or Voice Memos to large transversal technologies like Siri. Over the next few months we will see how beta by beta we learn all the ins and outs of the future new operating system that will be available in the month of September. If we focus on Apple Pay and the Wallet app we have known that Adding cards will be much easier in iOS 18 with the new Tap to Provision feature or Touch to Set.

Tap to configure or Tap to Provision, the new feature of Apple Pay in iOS 18

Many new features of iOS 18 were not presented in the inaugural WWDC24 keynote and are becoming known as developers test the betas and analyze their internal code. In addition, Apple has also released interesting news through press releases published in its press section on its official website. And in one of them he announced that the iOS 18 Wallet app will have a new function to quickly and easily add new cards to pay through Apple Pay.

Plus, with Tap to Provision, users can add eligible credit or debit cards to Apple Wallet by simply tapping their card on the back of their iPhone.

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The function has been named Tap to Provision and allows users add cards to the Wallet app by simply touching the card on the back of the iPhone using NFC technology. Therefore, one of the requirements to be able to use this function is to have a credit or debit card with this technology.

Additionally, Apple has confirmed that This feature will not be available in all markets without specifying which ones. What we do know is that it is a step forward to speed up one of the simplest processes that already existed in iOS 18, so we are still in luck. The objective, therefore, is none other than to avoid adding cards manually and it seems that they have achieved it.