Advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 15 that no one will tell you after 15 days of use

After more than 15 days with my iPhone and having carried out a multitude of tests with it, it is time for us to stop and carefully analyze this new iPhone 15 and above all, if it is worth purchasing this generation assuming the consequences of not have a Pro model. You think I’m serious, right? It may be so.

Advantages or advantages?

The first issue that he analyzed after having been with him for more than 15 days is that it is completely a iPhone accesssince, if you go up to the Plus version, it is very worryingly close to the Pro version and I am convinced that many users will want to purchase the titanium version that is so beautiful.

The camera has undergone an update, improving the errors contained in previous versions. Of course, their leap has really been very big because the generation started from a very low level. Therefore, such important improvements as the main lens of the rear camera grows to 48 MP.

Continuing with its advantages, we have to highlight the arrival of the curved edges and the abandonment of the design that was established in iPhones since the iPhone 12. The difference between both generations is not abysmal, but it is big enough to sit on the couch and not have the feeling that a phone is sticking into your legs. In addition, there is also a certain improvement when holding the device, where we notice that the iPhone becomes more comfortable at all times.

Perhaps the best news of all is the USB-C inclusion, where it is more necessary than ever to be able to update the components and permanently abandon the Lightning connector. There are few interesting advantages left for me to analyze. One of them is performance, and highlighting the performance in an iPhone that has the chip of the previous generation and where Apple is a true marvel, demonstrates the real situation of the new features of this generation, few and concrete. Otherwise, I would not have brought the processor to the fore.

Lastly, I have to highlight the dynamic islandwhere we finally say goodbye to the dynamic island and that the change is more visual than functional, since, once you have spent the first two weeks with it, you have already forgotten that the dynamic island is there and you only remember them at very specific moments when you are using Google Maps and I told you where you have to turn.


First of all, we have to highlight one of the Apple’s biggest tricks in recent times. Specifically, we refer to the USB-C connection and the file transfer that we have with it. Apple, although it has not been clear, has not been transparent, since it did not say that the USB-C 2.0 and 3.0 connection between iPhones (and if it said it was too timid), while, if you want the transfer high speed, you have to go to the checkout and pay 70 euros more for a cable. A real outrage.

I would also like to highlight the battery, since, without a doubt, it has been the great disappointment of this generation. No matter how much Apple says that the new generation of iPhone 15 has a battery from dawn to dusk, it is literally a lie, since the battery lasts a day for me and a day and a half with work, so I would venture to say that the iPhone 15 is one of the devices with fewer hours of active screen compared to the previous generation.