Advantages of buying an old iPhone

One of the great advantages that Apple products have over the competition is the durability of their equipment due to the pupdate policies that Apple applies to its products. Therefore, in this post we are going to analyze the advantage What does it mean to buy an Apple device from one or more previous generations.

Good pretty and cheap

Next we are going to analyze what are the reasons that invite many users to acquire an iPhone from a previous generation or from several generations because they are also going to have a device with outstanding features.

  • Software updates: Apple’s support of its devices for many years is one of the great benefits of getting an “older” phone. Generation after generation of iOS security and enhancements to all compatible devices means you can enjoy a great device for years to come. Apple supports its iPhone for at least 5 years.
  • few innovations: Apple and the technology industry in general are in a period of small but continuous innovations, which makes the gap between generations scarce. Therefore, the generational differences between devices are scarce. So, if you buy a device from one or two previous generations, you will have a phone with great specifications at a lower price and with good software and hardware features.

  • Stock and trading: In relation to the section, when the new generation of iPhone goes on sale, many third-party stores continue to sell the equipment of the previous generation at a lower price, so if the differences are scarce between renewals, you will have a similar equipment at a much more competitive price.
  • Price: All phones depreciate over time, and iPhones are no exception. Approximately, Apple phones can depreciate 20-30% per year if they do not have bumps or scratches. Therefore, many users annually sell their equipment at a lower price to acquire the new generation. If you are a user where it is not secondary to have the latest news and you see the device as a necessary element, but not essential, buying a phone from the previous generation is the most interesting and economical option.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Blue

The best iPhone for you doesn’t have to be the newest

On many occasions, and depending on the type of user you are, the best purchase is not always to acquire the latest model, but rather it is based on the needs of the users. If you are a user who normally consumes multimedia content and you feel that a mobile device is a necessary element today but not a priority, the best option is to buy an iPhone from past generations at a much lower price.

The great beneficiaries of Apple’s update policy are the own userssince it allows you to buy a device and have exceptional performance for many years, so it is always a security guarantee to buy a new iPhone or not, because you will have support for updates and security for many years.