After the departure of Tim Cook, who takes control of Apple?

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple took the reins of the company in 2011 after the death of Steve Jobs. Since then, Apple’s shares and value in the markets have not stopped growing, multiplying by ten in recent times. However, recently Tim Cook has hinted that he does not see himself within the company in the next ten years, so we all wonder Who will be Tim Cook’s heir?

Departing from Steve Jobs

Following the line of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook could appoint as CEO of Apple after his departure to Currently, Williams He holds the position of Chief Operating Officer, the same position Tim Cook held before rising to the top echelon of the company. In this circumstance, he could be the person, to follow Cook if he wants to create himself as some kind of hereditary line inside the company. Williams, is a very objective person, very hard-working. However, he is close to 60 years of age, an age that is a handicap when it comes to acting as CEO of the company, because it would prevent him from spending many years in charge of it.

A second candidate could be o’brien who has spent her entire life at Apple and is currently Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and People. Before occupying her current position, she carried out work related to the position of human resources of the company and employees. She is five years younger than Tom Cook, knows how the company works, holds a prominent position in the company, and is aware of Apple’s ambition and culture, so she could be a strong candidate for Cook’s succession. .

secondary candidates

There are also a number of candidates who can occupy the position of Tim Cook after his departure, however, there are a number of circumstances that lose relevance compared to other candidates. First, we highlight Catherine Adams, legal and global security advisor. However, her arrival at Apple in 2017 and not being widely known makes her start from a secondary position.


Due to his position in the company and knowledgeable about the future of technology,John Gianandrea Apple’s senior vice president of machine learning and artificial intelligence strategy, who rose to the role after leaving Google in 2018. However, he is in the same situation as Catherine Adams, has only been with the company for a very short time and is not a recognized figure among many users of the brand, so not a strong candidate despite his weight in the Californian company.

He says he doesn’t want to be, but…

One of the most charismatic people within Apple is without a doubt Craig Federighi, Vice President of Software Engineering for both macOS and iOS at Apple. However, he has stated many times that he is very happy in the place where he is, and that for now He does not consider being CEO of Apple. However, from a business and software growth point of view, Federigui is a very loved person and all fans of the bitten apple, so accepting his position would be well received by all and it would be known for sure that there would be the direction that the company would take with his appointment.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

The return of the vice president of software would cause the return of a technologist to the company, that is to say, a person passionate about technology and innovation, leaving aside a mathematical and financial analysis constant as is Tim Cook.