AI begins to appear among Apple's vocabulary

Tim Cook has begun to direct his speeches around artificial intelligence (AI) in recent weeks. In fact, in his last intervention at the shareholders meeting he assured that Apple's generative AI “will open new paths” throughout 2024. Everything begins to make sense if we take into account that in the WWDC24 takes place in June, the ideal place to bring to light all the AI ​​work they have in hand in each of the new operating systems. However, Apple has begun to change its vocabulary and begins to talk about artificial intelligence with basic concepts such as AI instead of Apple's typical machine learning or deep learning.

From “machine learning” to AI: this is the shift in Apple's vocabulary

There are dozens of rumors that point to a significant evolution of Apple's operating systems throughout 2024 in a clear direction: the integration of large artificial intelligence tools transversally. In fact, iOS 18 looks like it will be the biggest update in the history of iOS and in part it will be because of this new bundle of AI services. In addition, we also know that Apple already has its own language model ready to make it easier for its operating systems to create content and concepts through generative AI.

Tim Cook at Apple Park

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MacBook Air M3

But even more key are facts and not conjectures. A few hours ago, Apple presented to the world the new MacBook Air with M3 chip, a new evolution of one of the company's best-selling computers. The presentation was made through a press release in which it was possible to see a change in the vocabulary around artificial intelligence. Look at this fragment headed by the following title: «The world's best consumer laptop for AI »:

Thanks to the transition to Apple chips, all Macs are the perfect platform for AI. The M3 chip features a faster, more efficient 16-core Neural Engine, plus CPU and GPU accelerators that make the most of on-device machine learning, making MacBook Air the best consumer laptop on the market. world for AI. Leveraging this extraordinary AI performance, macOS delivers intelligent features that maximize productivity and creativity, allowing users to enjoy powerful camera features, real-time speech-to-text, translations, text predictions, visual understanding, accessibility and much more.

The number of times the word is read AI What we have so much on our lips in recent times is frankly surprising compared to other launches such as the MacBook Pro or the iMac with the M3 chip launched last October 2023 in which there was no talk of artificial intelligence but from other typical Apple concepts such as deep learning (deep learning) or machine learning (machine learning).

Therefore, a promising future awaits us at Apple considering that WWDC24 is just around the corner and where senior managers are beginning to talk about AI much more than before. Taking into account that this field is becoming increasingly competitive, it is likely that Apple will begin to take out that meat that was kept so much on the grill. AI is about to come to Apple, at least more directly than on other occasions.