AI comes to Apple Books with the ability to automatically narrate books

Digital reading has been one of the greatest inventions of recent years. Thanks to electronic books or Ebooks, readers can do their reading through a screen buying or renting books through different stores. Another milestone in this field was the arrival of audiobooks a podcast-style narration with intonation and sometimes additional music that allowed users to enjoy a book in another way. However, the cost of creating an audiobook is high. That is why Apple has launched a tool capable of generating audiobooks using artificial intelligence and the result is surprising us all.

AI-narrated audiobooks are coming to Apple Books

As Apple says, more and more audiobooks are being listened to these days but only a small fraction of books are converted to audio, leaving millions of books unheard. That’s why Apple has released apple books digital storytelling, a tool that makes audiobook creation much more accessible to everyone.

A great team of audio engineers, quality control specialists and linguists have been involved in creating advanced technology capable of generating audiobooks from text. Each genre of book has two different voices available, so behind each voice there are hidden secrets about intonation, rhythms and speed.

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The tool is now available to all authors who want to use it. In the case of fiction/romance we have the voices of Madison and Jackson and for non-fiction/self-development we have Helena and Mitchell. You can listen to the voices with a small extract on the official Apple website. For now there is only availability of use of the tool for these genres, the rest will have to wait for new updates.

The author will need to have the rights to produce an audiobook version and, for the time being, the source book has to be written in English. However, creating an audiobook version with Apple Books AI does not exempt from making a human audiobook version in the future, it is just one more option.