Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly present in our daily lives. In fact, the next generation of Apple software will include great AI features and will be presented at WWDC24 whose dates were announced last week. However, other apps are also taking the opportunity to join the wave of artificial intelligence to attract more users who consider the functions within the app useful. It is the case of Google Maps, who announced the launch of new features based on generative AI which will allow, according to them, travel smarter.

Google Maps receives new features related to AI

Attention travelers: summer is just around the corner, which means summer vacations too. That's why today we're sharing six ways Google tools can help you prepare for and make the most of your next trip.


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Google has taken advantage of the arrival of summer and travel planning by users to launch new artificial intelligence features that make it easier to organize trips and discover places. Through a post on its official blog, Google has presented all these functions that will be available in the coming months, although of currently only in the United States:

  1. Generative AI in search: Thanks to the Search Generative Experience service, Google will allow users to directly search for a request related to a trip and we will obtain a travel plan directly. For example: “plan a 5-day trip to Rome with museums and places to eat.” Next, Google will write the plan using Generative AI with suggestions for restaurants, flight options, hotels, important places, etc.
  2. Recommendation lists on Google Maps: If we access Google Maps we can consult place recommendation lists where to go from either publishers hired by Google as well as a mix of favorite sites from members of the Google Maps community. At the moment this function will be tested in cities in the United States and Canada.
  3. Modifications to Maps lists: These new features within favorites lists within Maps will reach everyone in the coming weeks. And we can modify the order of appearance of the sites in the lists we create and we can order them according to our taste, order of inclusion or by generating an itinerary.
  4. Custom style recommendations: Now with this function Google will know a little more about our tastes and styles when it comes to dressing. In this way, and through a carousel with different clothes that we can select whether we like them or not, Google will know our way of dressing and when we search in the search engine we will be given information related to our tastes such as “men's polo shirts” or “men's pants.” dress”.
  5. Circle to Search on more devices: Google has also taken the opportunity to announce the expansion of the real-time translation function using the camera, Circle to Search, to more devices. Currently we can use it on the Pixel 7+ and the Samsung Galaxy S24. However, the rest of us will have to continue using Google Lens until this function reaches iPhones.
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