Aiper dives into European pools in style

We are increasingly used to having robots in our homes. It all started with the famous robot vacuum cleaners, because who likes having to vacuum their house every day, it is much easier to press the vacuum button on our trusted robot and let technology work its magic. But what about our pools? If vacuuming our house is a drag, cleaning our pools is even more so. aiper arrives to help us, and does so by immersing in Europe its range of robot vacuum cleaners. Keep reading that we tell you all the details of this landing.

The debut in Europe was made in what many consider the European capital, Paris, for this we were invited to the Château d’Hardricourt, an old 19th century castle on the outskirts of Paris. There they had their lineup of robots prepared for us ready to clean the palace pool. A party in which we were able to enjoy the presentation of the cleaning robots at a European level, mermaids that accompanied the robots while they cleaned the pools, and even the Danish brothers Safri Duo animating the evening.

aiper seagull pro top

We find a range of 4 pool cleaner robots that adapt perfectly to our pools. And yes, we are talking about robots that are affordable, obviously everything has a price but it must be taken into account that other solutions exceed a thousand euros. We are going to talk about the two robots most interesting of the brand and with which they want to reach the pools of all Europeans: the Seagull Pro and the Seagull SE.

The star is the Seagull Pro (899 EUR on sale from May 22)a robotic pool cleaner that even will climb the walls of our pools. You can see it in the previous image, it has powerful wheels and incredible brushes that will remove all the dirt from your pool.

aiper dirt collection

It covers an area of ​​no more and no less than 300 m² so you can forget about going around with the cleaner over such a large surface. The robot will use its artificial intelligence to make a pattern of our pool and thus clean the entire glass of it. It charges in just an hour and a half and then we have a range of up to 3 hours. Do you want to clean only the floor? because it simply selects the floor mode, it has three modes: Floor, Wall, and Floor + Wall.

aiper seagull se

He Seagull SE (€249.99) is certainly the most affordable robot in the family, but that doesn’t mean it’s less powerful, it offers the same as its siblings for smaller environments. We drop it in the water and wait for Aiper’s Seagull SE to do its magic by cleaning the bottom, yes, tPlease note that this will not climb the walls or the stairs of your poolfor that you have to go to his Seagull brothers.

aiper seagull start

The operation of all is basically the same, we simply have to throw the robot into the water, once it reaches the bottom it will start cleaning like there is no tomorrow. They all come with a deposit made of nylon where you can collect all the garbage that is found, this will also go filtering the water and will return it to our pool. All the robots come with a platform so that we can place it at the bottom of our pool so that the robot goes to it once the cleaning is finished and thus it is easier for us to pick it up. How do we collect it? in the robot’s box we will find a hanger with which to pick up the robot and once it is on the surface it will remove all the water from its interior.

aiper seagull submerged

Obviously, and since you are in a blog specialized in the Apple world, all the functions of the Airper Seagull you can control them from apps of your iphone. As you have been able to read in these lines, we are facing a revolution for the world of swimming pools, at the presentation event we were able to speak with several influencers from the lifestyle world of swimming pools and the truth is that they were quite surprised. We will give you more details about these Aiper robots as soon as we can test them, for now we are filling the pool and chilling the beers…