Aiper Scuba S1, the best option to clean your pool

Aiper has launched its new models of pool cleaning robots, and the new Scuba S1 is without a doubt the best option for domestic poolswith an excellent relationship between price and performance.

The task of cleaning the dream pool is without a doubt one of the most tedious of the summer, or at least it was until the arrival of cleaning robots. First anchored to the vacuum tube of your purification system and then to a cable that supplied electricity, but now the cleaning robots enjoy total freedom thanks to their rechargeable battery and the new navigation systems and greater power that allow them not only clean the floor, but also the walls and, the most premium models, even the water line. The new Aiper Scuba S1, however, is a mid-range model that includes all these functions, including a weekly program that allows you to keep the pool clean when you are away from home. We have tried it and we tell you our impressions.


  • Pools made of all materials (vinyl, cement, tile, fiberglass)
  • Maximum pool size: 15 meters (150m2)
  • Motors 2x movement, 1x filtration (brushless)
  • 1x PVC front brush
  • Suction power 265 LPM
  • Filtering up to 180µm
  • 3.5L collection basket
  • Battery 150 minutes (solar charging optional)
  • Charging time 3-4 hours
  • Cleaning modes x4 (automatic, floor, walls, weekly)
  • What's in the box: Scuba S1 robot, charger, user manual, collection hook (pole not included)

The Aiper Scuba S1 is one of the new models for this year 2024, and its improvements include its more compact size and lower weight, which makes it easier to remove it from the pool. Aiper has chosen to use a “caterpillar” type traction system in these new models, replacing the traditional wheels that last year's models had. With this new system they achieve Greater traction that significantly improves wall cleaning of the pool, including the water line.

Aiper Scuba S1

The autonomy of this S1 is 150 minutes, more than enough to clean a pool of up to 150 square meters. The cleaning does not adapt to the type of pool, that is, the robot continues cleaning until it detects that the battery is about to run out, at which point it stops working. Depending on the type of cleaning you have chosen, the battery life may vary, since if you include the walls and water line, it will require greater power and therefore the cleaning will last less than those 150 minutes. The suction power is very high, It even sucks up small stones and toys. that may be on the floor of the pool. Its 3.5 liter capacity basket allows you to store a lot of waste, more than enough for cleaning.

Cleaning modes

We have four different cleaning modes that we can choose by pressing the only button on the robot. This not only makes it easier to handle, it also improves it since the rotating wheel of the Seagull Pro that I have been using for the past year sometimes stiffens. The change in the control system seems like a success to me. The models that we can choose are:

  • Automatic cleaning: cleans floor, walls and water line
  • Wall cleaning: walls only
  • Floor cleaning: floor only
  • ECO/Scheduled Cleaning: For a week, perform a 45-minute floor cleaning every 48 hours

Aiper Scuba S1

Personally, I always use the automatic mode to completely clean the pool. Start by cleaning the walls in an “N” pattern, including cleaning the water line. When this work has been completed, continue cleaning the floor using an “S” pattern. When the battery is about to run out The robot is placed on one of the edges of the pool to facilitate its removal and stops. We can know the status of the battery thanks to the front LED that changes color (blue, yellow and red). The included hook attaches to any pole thanks to the universal system it has, and allows you to retrieve the robot without problems. When you take it out of the water, it expels all the water it has, to reduce its weight and make things easier for you.

The floor or wall mode is useful for specific cleanings, but what I think is a great success is the ECO mode, which is actually a weekly program mode that is especially useful for when you are away from home. For a week, every 48 hours, it will carry out a 45-minute cleaning cycle, so that when you get home the pool is in perfect condition. My pool is quite conventional in terms of size and shape, but this S1 is valid for any pool in terms of material and shape. I have not found any problems with drains, lights or other obstacles that could have been found in the cleaning. It has even been able to climb the pool stairs, although its size, which is too small for the robot to roll over, prevents it from cleaning them well.

Aiper Scuba S1

I have been impressed with how easily it climbs the pool walls and stays partially out of the pool clearing the water line. The Seagull Pro model I had until now climbed walls well, but it didn't climb as easily as this S1 does, or at least that's my impression. Despite not having a sensor-guided navigation system of any kind, I have not found any areas that I have not cleaned in my pool after a complete process. In the first pass you may have left some areas uncleaned, but as you make several passes, in the end the entire pool is perfect.

The 3.5 liter basket is more than enough for a complete cleaning. The 180µm filter can capture all types of dirt, but I have noticed that if very fine dust is deposited, something common after a period without cleaning the pool after winter, it is not able to capture it and returns it to the pool. This is common unless there is a double filter system like the one the S1 Pro model has. That is why I see it as recommended. perform the first cleaning of the pool manually with the conventional pool cleaner, expelling the water into the wastewater treatment plant drain, and then performing the maintenance cleaning with the robot. Cleaning the basket is recommended after each cycle, and is very simple with the help of a hose.

Aiper Scuba S1

Editor's opinion

After a year using the Seagull Pro model, this new Scuba S1 seems to me to improve in all aspects. Great suction power, new cleaning programs, excellent autonomy and an enormous ease of climbing walls and avoiding obstacles make it the perfect robot for domestic pools up to 15 meters in length (that is, 99.99%). Its official price is €699 but It can be purchased on Amazon right now for €595 (link).

Scuba S1
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  • Last modification: June 18, 2024


  • Compact and lighter
  • Great power
  • Four programs
  • Track type traction system
  • Easy cleaning filter
  • Avoid obstacles with ease


  • Does not clean the finest dust