AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro, do you have to spend 90 euros more?

Before going into assessing the different cases in which it is better to bet on some headphones or others, we want to tell you very quickly what are the common and differential characteristics of both products. The first point that you have to take into account and is the most differential in terms of usability is the Noise Cancellation, since AirPods Pro have it but AirPods 3 do not. This also implies the presence of the famous pads, which many users find very uncomfortable.

The sound quality it also differs, although it’s really not as functionally differential as noise cancellation. Finishing with the differences, there is also the ability to turn the volume up and down directly on the headphones with the AirPods Pro, which may seem silly, but it is really useful. To level aesthetic They are the same, so you will not find differences there, and also, they also have the same autonomy and way of charging them.

When is it better to buy AirPods 3

As you can foresee, Apple’s third-generation AirPods are focused on that type of audience that either You don’t need noise cancellation or don’t want it at all. Surely it is difficult to find more complete wireless headphones than the AirPods 3 that do not have noise cancellation.

AirPods 3

They obviously stand out for their comfort and, above all, for offering great sound quality to users. Of course they are ideal for use at home or in closed places where outside noise does not make it difficult to listen to your favorite songs, a podcast or simply a series or movie through another device, since as we have previously mentioned, they do not have noise cancellation and this obviously marks the difference.

When is it better to buy AirPods Pro

If you have to highlight headphones for everything, without a doubt those are the AirPods Pro, which although they already stood out with the first generation, with the implementation of the second Apple has once again placed them at the top of small wireless headphones. There are three concepts that perfectly define these headphones, and they are the following.

  • Noise Cancellation.
  • Sound quality.
  • Comfort.

iPhone and AirPods Pro

The Noise Cancellation in these AirPods it is key, and it is that Apple has improved considerably compared to the first generation, offering these AirPods Pro 2 one of the best noise cancellations that you can find on the market. But is that at sound level the leap is even bigger, reaching almost the level of its big brothers, the AirPods Max.

For a user who is looking for one headset for everythingWhether for playing sports, listening to music, taking the subway or on a plane, these AirPods Pro are perfect for this since they have all the features that a product of this type needs to satisfy the needs of any user.