AirPods Max on Black Friday, do I buy them?

The range of AirPods in general, since the first, has been very well received by the vast majority of users, yes, despite all the criticism they had at the beginning. The great comfort of the headphones, added to the great sound quality, the noise cancellation of some models and, above all, the great synchronization with the entire ecosystem, have made them the headphones of millions of people. However, the AirPods Max are surely the most criticized of the entire range, those that have caused the most talk, so below we are going to tell you what is good about it, and also, of course, what is bad about it.

Positive points of the AirPods Max

First of all, the AirPods Max are headphones that, of course, do not leave anyone indifferent, both for the design that they have as for the price, 629 euros. However, if those users who, without trying them, criticize this product, should wait to put them in their ears and enjoy some of their favorite songs, surely most of the critics would see them with different eyes.

AirPods Max have a enviable sound qualityIn fact, they can be considered one of the 3 best headphones on the market within their product range. The sound is really balanced and allows users to appreciate the different nuances of a song. It is also very important noise cancellationand it is that here of course he fights to be the best, since he is capable of completely isolating you from everything that surrounds you, in the same way that he is able to connect you with reality like a charm thanks to the ambient mode.

AirPods Max + iPhone

In addition, and this is something that has a very important weight for users who have already formed or want to form an Apple ecosystem, and that is that the synchronization with all computers is ideal. It’s really convenient to be able to use your AirPods Max with your Mac, then iPad, or move them to iPhone without really touching anything.

Negative points of the AirPods Max

Obviously, not all are positive things, and the first negative point is the price they have in the Apple Store, 629 euros for headphones. Of course it is a very high amount of money that makes many users discard them completely. Now, on this Black Friday you will surely be able to find some offer, and the truth is that if they drop below 450 eurosIt is a purchase to consider.

Apple AirPods Max

Another of the negative points, beyond the price, is how to load and transport them. To begin with, Apple does not provide a cover or casing as such, but its “case” is that kind of bag where the headphones are inserted, not to protect them, but to enter that battery saving mode, since these headphones you can’t turn them off as such.