AirPods Pro 2 analysis: all its features

These efforts have certainly borne fruit since the sound quality has improved considerably, and beware, that does not mean that the first-generation ones were bad, on the contrary, but it is that the ones of these AirPods Pro 2 are really good. , even reaching the point of to be able to compare it with the one that their older brothers havethe AirPods Max.

They have a custom high-excursion transducer and a high dynamic range amplifier, which added to the spatial audio supportlossless audio and adaptive equalization means that users who want to enjoy their favorite music can do so without any problem, enjoying an incredible experience.

Noise Cancellation

Until not long ago, the most important thing when it came to talking about headphones was the sound quality that they offered, however, one of the different aspects today is noise cancellation, since the vast majority of users In addition to wanting to listen to their favorite songs well, they also want to isolate themselves from the rest, providing an ideal moment to relax or concentrate.

Noise cancellation has always been one of the hallmarks of AirPods Pro, in fact the birth of these was due to the need of users to have small headphones with good noise cancellation. That said, it should be mentioned that Apple has also been able to improve what it already offered with the first generation, going one step further with these AirPods Pro.


In relation to noise cancellation, it should be mentioned that one of the elements that provide it are the famous gummies, and that’s where the comfort of these headphones comes into play. These They have not been to the taste of all usersAs they have caused many to be uncomfortable or have simply caused the earphones to fall out of their ears. Well, this has also been improved by Apple since it has included one more size of pads, now going to have XS, S, M and L. In fact, these AirPods Pro 2 have made it possible for many users who previously could not use the first generation to enjoy the benefits of these headphones.

However, you have to take into account one of the great advantages that buy on apple or amazon, and it is that you have a few days to be able to try all the devices, including the AirPods Pro, so if you have any doubts as to whether they are really going to be suitable for you, you can always buy them and if you finally cannot use them, return them. Apple offers you up to 14 days from the receipt of the product to be able to return them, while on Amazon you have up to 30 days.

Other relevant aspects

We have already told you about the most important points of these headphones, however, you also have to take into account other aspects that obviously affect the user experience provided by AirPods Pro. In the end, if these headphones have had and still have so successful is due to the fact that the set of all its features makes a truly complete product.


When using headphones of this type, it is very important to have a series of gestures that users can perform to interact directly with the device itself without having to resort to the Apple Watch or the iPhone to increase the volume, pause or go to a different song

Gestures AirPods Pro

The truth is that AirPods Pro have never been characterized as being the best in this regard, but with this second version Apple has improved what it already had, even allowing the volume to be increased and decreased through the headphones themselves and without having to ask a Siri. Next we leave you the controls that you have available in the AirPods Pro 2.

  • Press once to play audio, pause it or answer a call.
  • Double press to skip to next song.
  • Press three times to go back to the previous song.
  • Hold to switch between active noise cancellation and adaptive ambient sound mode.
  • Swipe up or down to adjust volume.
  • Say <> to listen to a song, make a call, get directions, and more.

ambient mode

Related to noise cancellation, one of the most undervalued points of the AirPods Pro is the ambient mode, which curiously it’s just the opposite of noise cancellation And it’s one of those features that you won’t know how much you need until you use it, and that’s when you can’t go back to another headset that doesn’t give you the same experience.

AirPods Pro 2 and iPhone

Ambient mode consists, after all, in put the surrounding sound into your ear, simulating that you are not wearing anything, and even, in many cases, causing you to listen better than you would if you did not have AirPods on. This function is ideal for all those users who use these headphones to play sports or work in an office, since it will allow you to be aware of everything that is happening around you.


Despite the fact that we have put the battery within the secondary aspects of these headphones, it is also really important, although the reality is that the AirPods Pro, without being devices that can be boasted about for their battery, the reality is that They perform quite well and are capable of offering a very good autonomy.

come to have up to 6 hours of audio playback with a single charge, and to that you have to add that with the charging case you will have up to 30 hours audio playback. In short, the battery is not a problem when it comes to using the second generation AirPods Pro, since in rare situations you will spend more than 6 hours listening to music without interruption.

Wireless charging AirPods Pro

Now, not everything is talking about the battery, but you also have to keep in mind the way in which you can charge both the headphones and their charging case. The headphones, as you can foresee, are charged inside their case, so you have to be aware of both their autonomy and the box. This presents different ways through which you can charge it, on the one hand the Lightning port, on the other wireless charging, another option is MagSafe technology and you can even use the Apple Watch charger for it. All these options are designed so that you don’t always have to think about taking something with you to charge your AirPods, but with any other charger for another Apple device you can do it easily and comfortably.

Compatibility with Apple ecosystem

Without a doubt, one of the points that most attracts Apple device users to AirPods Pro is the synchronization and compatibility within the Apple ecosystem. Once you get used to not having to touch anything to be able to use the headphones with your different equipment, you don’t want to go back.

AirPods Pro on iPad

And it is that this, although at first glance it may seem almost anecdotal, makes a difference when it comes to offering a more complete and satisfactory user experience. In the end, with the AirPods Pro you only have to worry about putting them on, since they will later connect and alternate with the different Apple devices that you are using at all times.


We arrive at one of the key points when making the decision whether to buy or not, just as it is something that must be evaluated in order to establish whether or not these headphones are worth it, since in the end everything is summed up in that quality/price ratio. The truth is that, being at a time when all Apple equipment is rising in price, those of Cupertino with these 2nd generation AirPods Pro have behaved well.

AirPods Pro 1

They have a price of 299 euros, which represents an increase of 20 euros compared to the 279 that the first generation AirPods Pro cost. Taking into account the general price increase in Apple and the improvements that these headphones have undergone, surely this increase of 20 euros it is well justified. Now, it has to be each user who assesses whether it is really worth paying such an amount of money for headphones.

our conclusion

Whenever we carry out a post of this type, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we like to end by telling you what our opinion is about the product, and also, in this case here a server can speak based on the experience of being using these headphones since the day of its official release.

iPhone and AirPods Pro

They are undoubtedly expensive headphones, since 300 euros cannot be spent every day on devices of this type. However, the reality is that given the features they have, they allow you to take advantage of them tremendously because you can use them for practically anything, in fact, I always call them Apple’s all-terrain headphones. Therefore, if you do not have comfort problems with them, and what you are looking for is just that, headphones for everything, surely you will not find a better alternative than these second generation AirPods Pro.