AirPods Pro 2 Still Does Not Have Lossless Audio

Although AirPods Pro 2 this year provides several enhancements, Lossless music is still not supported by the company’s new wireless earphones. An engineer from Apple, however, claims that the brand has been working on alternative methods to produce high-quality sound on AirPods, eliminating the requirement for Lossless codecs.

Esge Andersen, a representative of Apple’s team of acoustics, mentioned What Hi-Fi. Andersen, an employee for more than 11 years, provided his perspective on the creation of AirPods Pro 2 and responded to inquiries on the lack of Lossless support for AirPods.

The engineer claimed that Apple’s goal with AirPods Pro 2 was to give everybody AirPods Max within their pockets.

Andersen’s Supportive Claims Towards AirPods Pro 2

Admittedly, AirPods Pro is way slimmer than AirPods Max, Thus necessitating a significant amount of engineering to produce audio quality on par with Apple’s over-ear headset. The AirPods Pro 2 have a nearly identical design to their predecessor. However, the mics and vents were moved to improve circulation for the driver.

The new AirPods Pro can now produce smoother highs and heavier bass owing to a redesigned venting mechanism that substitutes the original model’s two vents with just one behind each earphone. As any obstruction within the airflow might cause sound distortion, engineers have also adjusted the airflow for an improved excursion.

But Andersen believes there are also other approaches to delivering high-quality audio without altering the AirPods’ audio codec. The engineer claimed that even without Lossless audio, Apple had made huge strides with the AirPods Pro 2 and that sticking with AAC compression is mostly about dependability. Andersen also said that producing elevated-quality sound isn’t restricted by Bluetooth technology. Sony’s LDAC and aptX are two audio codecs that can deliver higher bitrate audio over Bluetooth, but Apple hadn’t expressed interest in integrating them into AirPods. But Andersen assured What Hi-Fi that Apple would forever be dynamic.