Apple AirTags To Get Anti-Stalking Tracking Notifications With iOS 15.4 Beta 4

Apple said earlier this month that it would be enhancing its anti-stalking safeguards for AirTags and other Find My Network accessories. The business added that new features, such as a warning when connecting a new AirTag, will be available in a future software update. This message advises users against using their AirTags to stalk others, emphasizing that their personal information is linked to the tracking device and that doing so is a criminal in some jurisdictions. Apple has now delivered on its promise, incorporating these changes in iOS 15.4 beta 4, making it more difficult for creeps to utilize AirTags for surveillance.

Apple AirTags Will Not Show Vague Alerts

When customers carry about AirPods that aren’t linked to their accounts, iPhones would display a message stating that an unknown item has been discovered traveling with them before iOS 15.4 beta 4. This generated undue anxiety when users borrowed a friend’s pair because it didn’t occur to them that it was simply the AirPods they were carrying around.

According to 9to5Mac, instead of designating the AirPods as an unknown accessory, Apple now provides a clear message stating the model. In addition, the firm is providing Precise Finding for unknown AirTags identified near you. So, if you have a UWB-enabled iPhone, you will be able to pinpoint the exact location of an AirTag. This makes it easy to find them while they’re being stalked, as they’re difficult to identify otherwise. Finally, the Cupertino company has included a new option in the Find My app’s Me page that offers users access to Tracking Notifications settings so they may configure them as they see fit.

While tougher anti-stalking procedures won’t stop the rampant abuse of AirTags, they will make it a little more difficult for stalkers to exploit the technology for mischief. The new notice might also prevent some would-be stalkers, as it presents the legal side of stalking and states that the owner’s personal information may be accessible by law enforcement agents.