How Effective Are AirTags For Stalking?

In the most current iOS15.4 beta, Apple fixed various stalker concerns. The iCloud connect notification has been altered, the alert period has been decreased, and accurate tracking has been introduced if the speaker has been deactivated. It will also alert users if their AirPods are being followed by someone else. It’s terrifying how Apple AirTags are being used to stalk people. It’s easy for stalkers and criminals to place it on your car and find your residence.

AirTags Are Scarily Accurate In Locating Someone’s House

Apple and Tile are undoubtedly concerned about the trackers being used in this manner since companies are always concerned about potential liabilities.

To tail someone, the Tile Pro and Tag do not update data often enough or come into contact with other devices often. When a location is updated, it is so late that the person is too far away. 

To address recent concerns about stalking, Apple is also modifying how AirTags interact with iPhones. When setting up an AirTag, iOS 15.4 makes it very apparent that it is tied to the user’s Apple ID and that AirTags are intended to notify victims via a pop-up notice. Apple will send over identifying information to law police if it is used unlawfully, according to the document.

In addition to the new notification, the time it takes for people to be told that an AirTags is with them has been reduced. After the devices had been out in the wild for a while, Apple indicated it would alter the time. Of course, the alert’s timing isn’t enough to prevent an attacker from turning off the AirTag’s speaker.

However, turning off a speaker does not affect tracking. On-screen alerts will continue to appear for users. The audio alarm was intended to help locate the rogue tracker. To combat this, Apple developed a function that uses ultrawideband tracking to pinpoint the exact location of a rogue AirTag. This method was previously exclusively used to locate a user’s fobs.

The feature only works if somebody’s Tag has been voyaging with you.