AirTags Has Made Misplacing A Thing Of The Past: But At What Cost To Your Privacy?

Apple finally launched its much-awaited AirTags following speculation and rumors for years. This small coin-like tag attaches to items such as wallets and keys and helps you keep track of these products through Bluetooth along with Apple devices using the Find My app. But this hi-tech solution to a common problem has a dark side to it. It has been misused for despicable acts such as stalking.

People have come out about this glaring glitch in the AirTags. Books Nader of Sports Illustrated speaks of a scary moment as she walked home one night. She received an alert on her iPhone that informed her that she was being tracked by a device.

At home, her husband found an AirTag concealed in her pocket.

Experts have said that it is vital that industry experts join hands and find ways to avert this despicable practice enabled by these Bluetooth trackers.

Sharing information between all companies could prevent the recurrence of data theft.

Other than Apple, even Tile, Samsung, and a host of other companies have products similar to AirTags.

These companies need to share information between themselves and with the public, revealing the glitches in the devices that they are using. Sharing information helps to create privacy protection systems that work across platforms.

This would guarantee that companies operate on a common set of data when they develop tools to mitigate or prevent abuse.

Erica Olsen of the National Networks to End Domestic Violence says that till solutions remain confined to individual companies, there will be problems with devices.

Apple Has Tried To Stop The Misuse Of AirTags

Apple has tried to halt misuse of AirTags by encrypting communication between multiple AirTags and the Find My network.

Additional security is being added y Apple on the AirTags through the setup process. It will primarily help to notify the user of an iPhone faster if think that they are being tracked by an unknown.

Apple had said in a press release that they remained committed to taking heed of feedback. They also said that they were innovating and constantly making improvements to prevent undesired tracking. Apple refused to comment if it was at any stage collaborating with other technology companies to fix the bug.