Alert! Apple leaks the imminent launch of the new AirPods

The Cupertino company released the final version of its beta for developers yesterday, leaving two very clear clues, the first is the official release date of these versions and the second is the launch of new AirPods in the coming days. Or at least that is what the code of this latest beta of iOS 16.4 suggests. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

As we told you, yesterday, Apple released the RC beta for all iOS developers, it is the last beta that Apple launches before releasing the final version for all users. In fact, this beta is the same version as a week from now, if all goes well, other users who are not developers or who are not in Apple’s beta program will be able to download it.

Well, really the news is not only the launch of this beta, but also that within it they have found lines of code that filter or reveal what could be one of the next moves of the Cupertino companyand is the launch of new headphones. As we said, in the iOS 16.4 beta RC code, references to new AirPods and a new case for them have been found, something really strange and of course, the first thing that makes us think is that those from Cupertino could be preparing to launch a new headset for next week, something that could make a lot of sense considering that Apple Music Classical will also be releasedApple’s classical music app, which is already included in the Apple Music subscription.

What AirPods will Apple release?

This is the big question that many users ask themselves, and the reality is that Apple can take two very different paths. First of all, and it is the first thing that has come to mind for many users, is the launch of new AirPods Maxsince it also coincides with the fact that these headphones have been shipping for weeks and that they have sold out in many stores, usual movements prior to a new launch of said product.

However, the fact that there are also references to a charging case casts doubt on new AirPods Max and puts on the table the possibility of Apple launching a third generation AirPods update with the sound level features that the second generation AirPods Pro currently have.

AirPods Max + iPhone

The reality is that this possible move by Apple has caught everyone by surprise and, of course, has raised the possibility of any speculation around the launch of new AirPods, something that, of course, Apple does not usually do, although as we said At the beginning of the post, it may make a lot of sense to accompany the launch of a new AirPods along with Apple Music Classical.