All about Apple Intelligence, the AI ​​that comes to the iPhone with many promises

Apple Intelligence, the play on words (AI – Artificial Intelligence) stole the show during #WWDC24 that took place yesterday and which we were able to follow live. However, Apple's new Artificial Intelligence has raised doubts among iPhone users.

We summarize everything you need to know about Apple Intelligence, the Cupertino company's Artificial Intelligence.

Throughout the event, Apple insisted on telling us news within its applications that seemed surprising to us, to say the least, and that made us imagine that some Artificial Intelligence was about to arrive. That's right, the final culmination was Apple Intelligence.

What devices are compatible with Apple Intelligence?

It is good to stop and think about which devices will be compatible with Apple Intelligence, to know how this new release from the Cupertino company will affect us.

In the case of the iPhone, only iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max They will be natively compatible with Apple Intelligence. If we focus on the iPad, Apple's gold “mobile” device, only those that have the processor Apple Silicon M1, M2, M3 and M4 (in all variants) They will be compatible with the Artificial Intelligence that Apple has developed.

Apple devices

The same will happen with Mac devices, regardless of whether it is a MacBook or an iMac, the integrated Apple Intelligence will be compatible only with devices that equip the processor Apple Silicon M1, M2, M3 and M4 (in all its variants).

A huge splash of cold water for Intel users on the Mac, who have just been evicted from one of the most relevant features in recent years by Apple.

In theory, the excuse of Manzana To be able to leave out so many devices from an update of this caliber, it is based on the fact that a large part of the processing of these new functions based on Artificial Intelligence is carried out within the equipment itself, which represents an added privacy and security.

What are the main news?

There are not a few, and Apple has done an enormous job to integrate Apple Intelligence throughout the Operating System without palliatives. iOS 18 is going to become the most powerful and capable firmware that Apple has ever created, and therefore, Apple Intelligence brings together all these new functions:

Apple Intelligence

  • Email: The integration of AI (Apple Intelligence) with the new function Priority Messages, will allow us to obtain a new section in the inbox that will catalog the most urgent messages, as well as a small summary of the content of the email, instead of the classic first lines of the email. In addition, it will also offer new, more effective smart and fast responses.
  • Priority Notifications: Now the AI ​​will be able to offer us a group of notifications to highlight the most urgent, creating new summaries to consult the longest notifications at a glance. For example, if a chat is very active, it will show us a summary of the entire conversation in a small line.
  • Concentration Mode: The AI ​​will read and analyze all our notifications to show us on the Lock Screen only those that may really require immediate attention, summarizing their content if necessary.
  • Audio recording, transcription and summary: Now thanks to AI you will be able to record, transcribe and summarize audio directly from the Phone application and from the Notes application. When we end a call, Apple Intelligence will generate a summary with the most important points.

Apple IntelligenceApple Intelligence

  • Image Playground: This new function will allow us to create images through three illustration styles. In addition, Apple will launch a specific application to generate these images and be able to experiment as we want. This will even work for real-time emoji creation. In notes, for example, you will be able to create a realistic image through a simple sketch that we have made.
  • Genmoji: Users can create an original Genmoji to express themselves, just by writing a description.
  • Photoyes: Artificial Intelligence is fully integrated into the Photos application, which will allow us to detect and delete excess elements of an image without modifying its content. In addition, it will allow us to do much more precise photo searches and offer new memories based on the analysis of our images.

Does that seem little to you? This is just the beginning, because Apple says it will open all of these features to third-party apps as well.

Will Siri be more “intelligent” now?

The truth is that it couldn't be any less “intelligent.” Now comes a redesigned Siri, which debuts its seventh icon since its launch back in 2011, more than a decade. To warn us that Siri is working, The edges of the screen will illuminate with fluorescent tones.

The first phase will make Siri better able to understand the instructions of its users, either because they get stuck, because they do not complete the sentences or because they prefer to simplify communication.

Apple Intelligence, Apple's AI

However, A great addition is that now we will be able to communicate with Siri in writing (and alternate in real time with voice).

These are some of the new features:

  • You can schedule emails and messages.
  • Activate dark mode.
  • Create tutorials to perform specific functions.
  • Read and analyze screen content to, for example, add an address to a contact card.
  • Send photos automatically.
  • Resolve questions about the content of our messages or emails.

Integration with ChatGPT

Apple will also integrate access to ChatGPT on iOS 18, macOS 15 and iPadOS 18 when Siri is unable to perform tasks on its own, such as interpreting images and documents without having to switch between tools.

Apple Intelligence

This interaction with ChatGPT will require the user's authorization, and the absolute privacy of the content being transmitted will be guaranteed (in theory). In fact, with the tool Compose It will even allow us to create images and texts with a wide variety of styles.

However, the official launch of ChatGPT in the Cupertino company's new software will take place at some point during the year 2024, but you will have to link your account and make your own payment, that is, It is not integrated for free.