All Apple headphones, at a discount

One of Apple’s best-selling products is, without a doubt, its headphones, and that is that AirPods have something that everyone who tries them falls totally in love with them. Well, in this post we bring you a great offer, since you can buy all AirPods models at a lower price than what Apple sells in its Apple Store.

discounts available

There is no doubt that AirPods have been able to make practically all users fall in love, be it for their comfort, design or sound quality, but almost all users want to have one in their ears, and in the end Apple has managed to make a practically round product. Now, they have a small problem, and that is that the price of these is not exactly low, on the contrary, they tend to have very high prices, so having the offers that we leave you below is a very good opportunity to save you a good amount of money in the purchase of your headphones.

  • 2nd generation AirPods: 35 euros discount.
  • 3rd generation AirPods with Lightning charging case: 20 euros discount.

  • 3rd generation AirPods with wireless charging case: 20 euros discount.
  • 2nd generation AirPods Pro: 24 euros discount.

Which are the best for you?

Surely the question that many users ask themselves before buying AirPods is, which ones are the best for me? Well, the truth is that Apple in this sense has known how to do it very well by differentiating them based on of its benefits. The 2nd generation AirPods They are the most basic and economical, their sound is good, but without reaching that of their older brothers, they also have the traditional design and are really comfortable.

AirPods 3

For their part, the 3rd generation AirPods They have made a leap compared to the previous ones, both in design, which has the same as that of the AirPods Pro, and in the sound quality they offer, this being really good and with spatial audio and lossless audio. In addition, you can find them with a wireless charging box or with the traditional one, that is, the one that you have to connect to the cable to be able to charge it.

iPhone and AirPods

Lastly, the AirPods Pro 2nd generation They are the headphones with everything and for everything. Its noise cancellation is one of the best on the market, and if you add to that the tremendous leap in sound quality compared to the previous generation, the result is an almost perfect headset. In addition, you can lower and raise the volume from the earpiece itself. If you want quality noise canceling headphones, these are the best you can find for your iPhone or any Apple product.

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