All Apple iPads with a big discount

The iPad is a special product in many ways, since it gives us great versatility when working with it, but with magnificent power that allows us to carry out any task that is put in front of us. If you were thinking about buying an iPad in 2023, you are in luck because we bring an offer of all iPad models at a crazy price so you can choose the one that best suits you.

iPads reach a new dimension with this price

The great endorsement that the iPad has is that the user who has given it the opportunity and has started working with it, has not wanted to try another product from the company because the iPad is capable of perfectly replacing a computer, which shows the great potential that this product has, a product that has nothing to envy of entry-level MacBooks, since they even have the same processor and can equip the same RAM memory power. Now, perhaps the real problem with these devices is that they have a high price and on top of that we have to add accessories such as the Apple Pencil and the keyboard, which would increase the price. Today you don’t have to worry about it, because the price of the entire iPad segment is at rock bottom.

All iPads with discounts

Below, we are going to break down the price of the different iPad models on offer and then, we are going to describe which device is best for you. Prices are as follows:

At all these prices, you have to add the keyboard and Apple Pencilalthough if you already have one of these accessories from previous generations or from third-party companies, you will save yourself a pretty penny.

Which iPad is best for you?

Once you know the discounts that we have indicated above, it is time to analyze which of them is the most suitable model for you. Apple, in this sense, has made a magnificent managementsince it offers an ideal product for the user segment.

First of all, we have the first generation iPad, a product that has a very moderate price but with very interesting features. We could say that this product is a product for the majority of users, since every user who uses the device for multimedia consumption, email and the preparation of projects and university work, this device works impeccably. So, if you do this type of activities, the 10th generation iPad is the best option.

Secondly, we have the iPad Air, Apple’s most balanced iPad. It is a device that is superior to the entry-level iPad, but is a little below Apple’s top version. This device allows you to use the second generation Apple Pencil, as well as the Magic Keyboard used by the Pro model. In addition, it also has first generation Apple Silicon, which allows you to carry out large-caliber projects both in Final Cut Pro or with da Vinci Resolve.

Finally, we have the iPad Pro, Apple’s most professional product that has the best features and is not a version that is worth buying for everyone. It has the best processor in history for an iPad, as well as an OLED screen and super professional cameras. This product is intended for people who do video editing work and professional graphic design or interface design work.