All discounted AirPods Take advantage!

One of the most desired Apple products by users is undoubtedly the AirPods, whether they are the 2nd generation, the 3rd generation or the Pro, however, on many occasions their price is too high. Well, we have solved that in this post, since Amazon has a series of offers that will come in handy to renew your headphones.

discounts available

AirPods are, without a doubt, the most popular headphones on the market, and that when Apple launched the first version of them, the criticism was fierce and really harsh for a product that took practically no time to convince users of it. that the future of headphones was this. However, as is often the case with Apple products, the price you have to pay to buy them is not low, which is why many users decide not to invest so much money in them and opt for other options. Well, Amazon in this case has a discount on all its models, except for AirPods Max. We leave it to you below.

  • AirPods 2nd generation: 40 euros discount.
  • AirPods 3rd generation: 24 euros discount.
  • AirPods Pro: 30 euros discount.

What are the best AirPods for you?

The big question that many users ask themselves before opting for one of these three AirPods models is, which of them is the most appropriate depending on the use that they require of headphones, well, let’s go in parts. The 2nd generation AirPods They are the most basic and, consequently, the most economical, having comfort as a fundamental pillar of what they are capable of offering users. In addition, the sound quality is good, however, they do not have noise cancellation, something that you have to take into account.

The evolution of these second generation AirPods are obviously 3rd generation AirPods. These headphones have the design of the AirPods Pro but without the famous pads, which means that they do not have noise cancellation either. Now, the leap in sound quality is big, being fully compatible with Apple’s famous spatial audio and Apple Music lossless audio.

AirPods Pro 2 case

We now jump to noise cancellation, which is where they appear the popular AirPods Pro, in this case the second generation, which of course have been the evolution that everyone expected from these headphones. In terms of sound quality, the leap is very big, and it is that they are heard really well, so well that it is surprising that they are such small headphones. To this we must add the incredible noise cancellation that they have, and it is that they are surely one of the best exponents in this sense that you can find on the market. In addition, due to their size they are ideal for use in practically any situation.

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