All manufacturers are lying to you

If there is something that has characterized the telephone industry in recent years, it is the phrases and stereotypes that are not entirely true and that can make many users make the mistake when choosing their Smartphone. Many times, from the bitten apple, beyond taking in the news, we like to do pedagogical and critical work when choosing a device, since they are increasingly more expensive and offer fewer new features and, therefore, marketing plays a role. a special weight. Let’s see below what are the lies and mantras that have been repeated for years when that is not really the case. Keep reading because this interests you.

More megapixels does not mean better photographic quality

Believe me, not everyone knows that the more MP the camera has, the better its photographic result will be. If you see a 100 MP camera in a 300 euro phone and a 48 MP camera in a 1,000 euro phone, there must be something wrong.

Obviously, the number of MP depends largely on the photographic quality of a shot, but it is not the value that must be taken into account. Specifically, there are very important factors such as sensor size where, the smaller it is, the better its results will be. With respect to pixel sizeLikewise, the larger the size of the pixels and not the number, the better, because a very large pixel is not the same as a very small one, because the information it will collect will not be the same. Finally, we have to highlight whether the camera has or does not have OIS, that is, optical stabilization and from which manufacturer this stabilization comes. Sony stabilization is not the same as Omnivision stabilization.

Fast charge

Fast charging is an argument that is used both to differentiate devices from each other and marketing argument to sell a device and on many occasions, I have seen promotions for devices with fast charging that I am not convinced by their benefits, not because they are not real, but because it can cause damage to my device in record time.

USB-C port

Fast charging is something that is very good and it is advisable to always have it at home for certain urgent moments. Now, one Very exaggerated fast charging can be detrimental to the charging of the smartphone, since which can cause battery degradation. I think a load of more than 65W It is more than enough and, from there, everything that rises must be taken with a grain of salt because it can be more harmful than beneficial. To all this, we have to add the charging time between 40w and 90w fast charging It is testimonial and the damage it can cause to the device is enormous.

The bigger the screen, the better?

The screen is one of the sections that more technology a device has and, therefore, having a larger screen is not synonymous with having technology, although it is true that the best devices from the main manufacturers have a large screen.

I understand that most users like to have a large screen, but there are several sections To take into account may be the panel technology, maximum brightness, resolution, refresh rate and PMW.