The third Beta of iOS 18 is now available and brings a good number of improvements that continue to be polished by this next update for our iPhone that will arrive after the summer but that we can already test using the Betas for developers. We tell you all the changes in this latest update.

iOS 18 Beta 3 is now available for developers, and it comes with a good handful of improvements that correct some problems that we found in previous Betas, improvements to the interface or new elements that improve the aesthetics of our iPhone. These are the main changes that we have found in this Beta 3:

  • Dark Icons: Now not only Apple icons change in dark mode, but also those of third-party applications. Without developers having to do anything, those icons with a simpler design automatically change in dark mode, leaving a much more uniform interface.
  • He Select button within the Photos app, it appears on the main screen. You no longer need to scroll down to select the photos you want to share or delete, you can just tap the button right next to the Search button, the magnifying glass icon.
  • When we select the button of the Emoji The keyboard will also display the following: Stickers that we have created from our photos and the MemojiWe will no longer have to move through different sections to see one or the other, now they all appear in the same section.
  • New Dynamic wallpaper which changes color throughout the day and depending on the light or dark mode. We will not have to choose between the different colors of the official iOS 18 background, throughout the day the colors will vary automatically.
  • New interface to control the flashlightvarying the intensity of the light and its focus, making it more focused on a point or more diffuse in a much more intuitive way.

If there are any changes you have found that we haven't mentioned, please feel free to share them in the comments.