Apple has already released the first Beta of iOS 18, the next big update for iPhone. What new features does it include? We show you all the new functions that are already available in this first Betasome of which did not even appear in the presentation.

iOS 18 will arrive after summer. Changes in the menu design, new options on the lock and home screen of our iPhone, artificial intelligence, new applications… There are many new features that Apple announced to us in the last inaugural Keynote of WWDC 2024. But many of those new features They are not available yet, so we have already tested the first Beta of iOS 18 and we will tell you what you can already see in this first trial version of the next update for iPhone.

In the video you can see several sections in which we discuss the main new features that you can now try on your phone if you install the Beta, so you can decide for yourself whether it is worth trying it or not. You will also be able to see first-hand how all the new features workand see what bugs this first test version still has.

  • Home screen: new customization options, icon color change, dark theme, widgets, etc.
  • Lock screen: new wallpapers and customization of shortcut buttons.
  • Control Center: new customization options, page navigation, widget resizing.
  • Redesigned settings.
  • Calculator with new conversion functions and Math Notes.
  • Calendar with a new color design.
  • New Passwords app.
  • Messages with new animation options for text, emoji, etc.
  • Dual keyboard with two languages ​​in one keyboard.
  • Notes with the possibility of recording voice.
  • Photos with a completely renewed design.

If there's anything else you've discovered that we haven't, leave it in the comments to include it in future videos.