All this will arrive on any iPhone before the end of October

It has been a long time since Apple presented the star features of iOS 16 at the popular WWDC that was held in June. Two of its operating systems, including iOS 16, are already a reality, however, some of its best features are not yet present. Therefore, in this post we want to remind you which ones are missing.

iOS 16 features to come

As usual in iOS releases, the Cupertino company never releases all the great news with its official launch, since it saves several of them to release them over time. Whether for marketing reasons or simply because they require more development time, the truth is that users are always expectant and eager to receive these new features on their devices. Therefore, we are going to review the most important ones.

  • The shared photo library. This is one of the great functions that reaches the entire Apple family and that, at the moment, does not have a release date from Apple. From the outset it was going to enter the batch of novelties that were released with the launch of iOS 16, however those from Cupertino have delayed it until the end of the year. Let’s remember that with this shared photo library, members of a family will be able to share the original file of a photo among themselves without having to send the photo.

  • Apple Fitness+ without Apple Watch. One of the announcements made by the Cupertino company in relation to its services was the possibility of using Apple Fitness+ without having to use an Apple Watch, in fact, the Fitness app is already available on the iPhone without the user having to have also an apple watch. At the moment there is no confirmed date for its launch.
  • Live activities on the lock screen. The lock screen is, without a doubt, the biggest novelty of iOS 16, however one of its functions is not yet available and it is the live activities to track them. In this case, users can get an idea of ​​when it will arrive, since with iOS 16.1 developers will already have a free hand to be able to adapt their apps to this new function. Of course, it will give a lot of use to the always-on screen of the new iPhone.
  • Another of the new functions that will arrive with iOS 16.1 is the clean load. With this, Apple allows users to activate it, make the iPhone charge at times when the impact of energy consumption on the environment is less, with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint.

Battery percentage

  • Battery percentage icon. Although this is already available for the vast majority of iPhone models, users who have an iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini do not have it activated yet. Now, they will not have to wait long to enjoy it, since it is another of the functions that will arrive with iOS 16.1.