Apple launched iOS 16 a few months ago coinciding with the announcement of the new iPhone 14. However, we already knew all the news about this new operating system because we had already seen it at WWDC22. Throughout these months there have been several updates that have emerged and we must not forget that throughout this month we will have iOS 16.2 with us. A new infographic study has found that iOS 16 adoption rate is 69%, namely, that almost 7 out of 10 iPhones on the market already have iOS 16 installed. This value far exceeds the adoption rate of iOS 15 last year on these same dates.

The adoption rate of iOS 16 is almost 70%

The adoption rate of an operating system is a measure of how many users are using a certain operating system at one point. This value is very important for companies because they are able to determine the current state of their entire ecosystem without the need for a tracking personalized beyond web browsing.

One of the means that is responsible for analyzing web browsing to calculate adoption rates is Mixpanel. In the new iOS 16 adoption panel, he has published that as of November 28 iOS 16 is installed at 69.23%. On the other hand, iOS 15 is still valid on the market and is installed in 24.59%, while the rest of the users, 6.18%, have an older version of iOS installed.

iOS 15 adoption rate

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iOS 15 is installed on 82% of all compatible iPhones

if we analyze the adoption data of iOS 15 on these same dates we see that iOS 15 was installed at 51.10%eighteen points below the current almost 70% of iOS 16. In fact, we have to go to January 4, 2021 to get the figures that iOS 16 now has achieved in November, two months earlier.