Alternatives to Apple’s MagSafe Dual Charger

MagSafe technology is back to stay. And Apple has shown it by launching a multitude of accessories for it. Even official chargers that, although they are still good products, have a high price, if we compare them with other products that are on sale right now. That’s why if you want to take advantage of MagSafe technology with chargers, We present you three alternatives to the original Apple MagSafe Dual Charger.

You will love these alternatives

We are going to show you a list of three MagSafe chargers. Much cheaper than the official Apple double charger. Not only do they stand out for having a much lower price, but also, They extend functionalities that the Apple charger does not haveand for which we would be paying even triple what the ones that we are going to show you below cost.

For these three chargers we have taken into account three elements: the devices that you can charge, the power (if it is adequate or not) for our batteries and comfort, depending on the different situations in which we are going to use them.

Hohosb triple MagSafe charger

Dual charger? triple charger! This MagSafe charger can charge up to three devices simultaneously, and is specifically designed for Apple devices. Although having Qi charging, you can also charge other terminals. Its secret is in how it distributes the power in its three locations: one with 15W, another with 5W and another with 2.5W. And this is so that it doesn’t overheat, so that you can connect a power plug to it. up to 20W of power and so you can charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch and AirPods. All wireless.

Boaraino MagSafe stand charger

3 in 1 magsafe charger

If yours is a vertical charger, with which you can have it on a desk or work space, where you need to consult your mobile, here is a base with which to charge, simultaneously and without cables, an iPhone, AirPods and a AppleWatch. Its vertical design means that we no longer have to have all our devices horizontally and thus be able to consult them whenever we want. This one, unlike the previous one, has a 7.5W maximum charging powerone of 5W and another of 2W, which will be compatible with power adapters with a power of up to 15W.

CKCN MagSafe and Lightning charging station

vertical magsafe charger

Continuing with the aesthetics of vertical chargers, this is the cheapest of the three and offers three different charging powers: 3W for Apple Watch, 5W for AirPods and up to 7.5W for iPhones. However, this adapter has a bit of a “trap”. In the case of AirPods, if they do not have a wireless charging case, we can charge them via Lightning. Since the charger base has a Lightning connector with power up to 5W. So instead of having 3 magnetic areas, it has 2 wireless and a Lightning connector. So if you are looking for “the best of both worlds” this charger is going to be your ideal “plug-in hybrid”.