Alternatives to the official Apple keyboard

IF you are looking for alternatives to the official Apple keyboard, in this post we will show you some models that correct aspects that the official Apple Magic Keyboard does not have. All of them are designed for Mac, with all the function keys that we will need in macOS to function correctly, and surely their designs will end up attracting your attention. So in this post we introduce them to you.

Logitech has other options for Magic Keyboard

The first option that we present to you comes from Logitech, with Logitexch MX Key Mini. It is a wireless keyboard, which has a design that is quite reminiscent of Apple’s Magic Keyboard (without a numeric keypad). This model stands out for having keys with a small central groove that makes them more comfortable to press. It has the macOS specific keys, supported function keys, backlight and USB Type C charging.

The official Magic Keyboard, while a good keyboard, is similarly priced, charges with a Lightning connector, and isn’t backlit. So if you want a choice of good quality materials, a design that reminds you of the Magic Keyboard, but improving what we already had and that is compact and stylish, the MX Keys Mini is your option.

Now, MX Keys Mini has its big brother: the MX Keys Advanced. This model is Logitech’s equivalent to the Magic Keyboard with a numeric keypad. We have a design with larger function keys than in the MX Keys Mini and this time it comes in a black color that reminds us of space gray. In the same way as its “little brother”, this one has charging via USB type C and backlighting. Therefore, if we have a larger workspace, this keyboard may be one of the best options on the market. And both are compatible with the iPad.

logitech mx keys advanced


Satechi has the most faithful designs to Apple

satechi x1

Satechi is a brand that makes Mac peripherals and accessories with quality materials and a very premium design. In this case, they have two alternatives to the official Apple Magic Keyboard, which are very faithful to Apple’s original design and are really very beautiful. The first keyboard is Satechi X1. In fact, if we look at the aesthetic section, they take everything that Apple had left to polish, and improve it. From the original design they take the same wedge shape, layout and shape of the keys and colors very similar to those of the official Magic Keyborad. But, to this they add keys that are backlit and charges with a USB Type-C cable. (Goodbye Lightning).

satechi x3

But if we continue along the lines of these keyboards, we have the extended version with a numeric keypad: Satechi Slim X3. This keyboard is the equivalent of the Magic Keyboard with a numeric keypad and follows the same pattern: backlit keys, USB Type-C charging, design and layout of the keys as on the official keyboard, the same wedge design, etc. As a negative point of these two keyboards, you have to know that they are not available with the letter Ñ. At the moment, they are only available in North American English keyboard configuration, although we can use it in Spanish if we change the settings on our Mac.