AltStore, an alternative to Apple’s AppStore

Fancy trying an alternative app store to the App Store on your iPhone? There are different alternatives, but the one we are going to discuss on this occasion uses your Apple ID. Is about AltStorean alternative store that appeared in the year 2019 and that, for now, is still working. Of course, we warn you that you will need the use of your computer -Mac or Windows- to carry out the installation.

Unlike the Android operating system, in which it is possible to install applications from outside Google Play and the installation of APK files is much easier, on the iPhone this is quite complicated. However, AltStore is really an alternative to the official Apple App Store since it will allow you to use applications that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

What is AltStore

AltStore for iPhone and iPad

In 2019, this alternative to the Apple App Store was created by Ridley Testut. In AltStore there is room for all those applications that, due to Apple’s policy, do not have a place in the official store. That’s it a way for developers to release apps in testing or final phases before being released on the App Store.

Also, everything you will find in AltStore is free. In addition, you will not have to jailbreak your iPhone or anything like that: you only have to follow the steps that we will discuss later and you will have it installed on both your iPhone and your iPad. On the other hand, one of the great advantages of AltStore is that it allows you to install applications from IPA files -the counterparts of APKs on iOS/iPadOS-. So you will have more added advantages, although AltStore also has its limitations that we will discuss later.

Install AltStore on iPhone or iPad

As we have told you, you will need a computer. AltStore is compatible with computers running Windows 10 and later, as well as MacOS 10.14.4 or later. Therefore, the first thing will be to download the software that corresponds to our computer:

AltServer for MacOS

AltServer for Windows

Installing AltServer on MacOS

Now is the time to install AltServer on your MacOS to later be able to use AltStore on your Apple device -iPhone or iPad-. And to do this, follow the steps below:

  • Look for the file that you have downloaded from the official AltStore page
  • when you find it, copy it to the ‘Applications’ folder of your Mac and start it by clicking on it
  • Now, you must enable WiFi syncing of your iPhone/iPad in iTunes or Finderdepending on the version of MacOS you are using
  • Now, go to the Mac menu bar, click on the AltServer icon and select the option to install AltStore.
  • You should now install a Mail plugin. A pop-up message should appear, but if not, click on the program menu -AltServer- and look for the option install mail plugin
  • Now enter your email passwordenter Mail preferences, enter ‘Manage Add-ons’ and check the ‘mailbundle’ option
  • Now, accept and restart the mail. Going back to the AltServer app should start installing the AltStore on your Apple mobile device.

Installing AltServer on Windows

Meanwhile, AltServer is also compatible with Windows –computers with at least Windows 10 installed-. And the procedure in this case is different from the previous option and you will not need to install any additional mail plugin. The steps to follow are those:

  • When you download the file, you will see that it is a ZIP-compressed file. Unzip it and run the setup.exe file
  • Once installed, connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer and open iTunes. Activate the option ‘Sync via Wi-Fi with the device’
  • Now, in the bottom menu bar, look for the AltServer iconclick on it, choose the option ‘Install AltStore’ and select your device
  • The installation will start after a few seconds
  • AltServer should notify you that AltStore has been successfully installed on your computer

AltStore already installed on your iPhone or iPad, now what?

Nintendo emulator for AltStore

Once you have the AltStore alternative app store installed, it’s time to use it. Likewise, we advise you that even if you have used the computer to install it on the mobile device, you should not uninstall AltServer from it; you must renew the permits every 7 days to be able to continue using the downloaded applications. And for that you will need the computer.

To be able to give permissions, all you have to do is go to Settings>General>VPN and device management and give the permissions to the corresponding application.

On the other hand, you will also have a limit of applications installed with this method: 3 installed apps counting AltStore. Therefore, usage is limited to 2 new apps per device. Also, one of the best parts of AltStore is the ability to uninstall apps by using IPA files. By searching for the files on the Internet -and always making sure that the download is from trusted sites-, we only have to enter AltStore, click on the ‘+’ symbol and the downloaded files will appear that you can install on your computer.

Some interesting applications with IPA files to install on your iPhone or iPad

Now we are going to leave you with links to IPA files of some applications that we find interesting and that, of course, you will not be able to access them in the official way; that is: through the Apple App Store.

  • GBA4IOS: an emulator for the popular portable game console from nintendo game boy
  • iFile: one of file managers most famous for iOS
  • Fortnite for iOS: here you will find all seasons up to version 13.40before it was removed from the App Store
  • PopCorn: platform for watch series, movies and anime
  • DolphiniOS: another famous emulator for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube games

These are some applications in IPA format that you can add to your iPhone or iPad using AltStore installed on them. Also, if you think there are more interesting applications that we should know about, do not hesitate to write to us through our comments and suggest which are your essential applications and tell us why.