Am I going for the iPhone 13 Pro or am I going for the iPhone 15?

Don’t know which iPhone to buy now that we already have the new generation on the table? If you want to look at other options, focusing on iPhone models from previous years, in this post we are going to bring you a comparison of the highlights between the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 13 Pro. Thus, if you want to know the best and the worst of each one, as well as their similarities and differences, we are going to put them face to face, so that you can make the best purchasing decision based on your needs.

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 15 are two generations apart. However, they are two options that, depending on the use we are going to give them, can satisfy us perfectly. And, even if some time passes, an older iPhone model does not become a disposable option at the slightest change.

Similarities between the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max

In this first section we are going to focus on what both devices are most similar to. To start, on the iPhone 15 we have a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display. In the case of the iPhone 13 Pro, we have the same screen system, same pixel resolution and same size 6.1 inches. As for pixel density, both have 460 p/p.

In both models we have FaceID, an ultra-fast 5G network system and water resistance up to a maximum of 6 meters deep, for 30 minutes. In addition, both have the MagSafe system, wireless charging and are compatible with the most recent version of the operating system: iOS 17.

Differences between the two models

If we look at the screen section, in the iPhone 13 Pro we have the reduced notch at the top, while in the iPhone 15 we have the Dynamic Island. Furthermore, in the case of the 13 Pro, we have a ProMotion system, which gives it a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, while in the iPhone 15, it only reaches 60Hz.

The processor is another key point. While in the iPhone 15, we have the chip Apple A16 Bionicin the iPhone 13 Pro we have the A15 Bionicwhich is the same one that the iPhone 14 has. So, even though there are two generations between the two, there is only one year difference in terms of the processor.

The cameras are another very important point. In the case of the 13 Pro we have a system of three optical lenses, while in the iPhone 15 we have two lenses. Of course, in the 13 Pro we have 12 Megapixelswhile on the iPhone 15 there are already 48.

iPhone 13 Pro green

As for Optical Zoom, the iPhone 13 Pro reaches 3x, thanks to the Telephoto lens, while the iPhone 15 remains at a maximum 2x optical zoom. While on the iPhone 15 we have smart HDR for 5 photos, on the 13 Pro we have smart HDR for 4 photos.

In it iPhone 13 Pro we can take photos in Apple ProRAW format and Portraits in Night Modewhich does not happen on the iPhone 15. On the other hand, the iPhone 15 has video recording in Action Modewhile in the case of 13 Pro we can record video in ProRes format up to 4K at 30fps, if we have a 256GB model onwards. Likewise, this ProRes video mode also applies to the front camera.

iphone 15 usb c cover

The physical connector is another of the big differences. While in the 13 Pro we have Lightning, the 15 already has USB type C. This eliminates the need to use adapters to connect accessories, and allows the iPhone 15 to be connected to external screens and monitors thanks to its Display Port capacity. However, the data transfer speed will remain the same: USB2.