Amazon breaks the bridge with these AirPods on sale

Without a doubt, the best accessory for our iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac are the AirPods, one of the products that are common to see on the street and that Apple dominates quarter after quarter due to its functionalities and how it integrates seamlessly. incredible in our Apple ecosystem. Today, the editorial team of the Bitten Apple, we are going to highlight the three AirPods models that we currently have, because each of them has an incredible price.

Before entering fully into this post, I would like to highlight that we are not going to highlight the AirPods Max, since this Apple product is intended for a completely different Target and because its price and its years of not updating do not make it an attractive option for the end of 2023.

Discounts available

AirPods are one of the accessories that have the best quality-price ratio within all the products that make up the Apple ecosystem, with a price variation that ranges between 180 euros and 300 euros. Obviously, we cannot say that they are cheap wireless headphones, but if we look at this market segment, they have a price in line with large companies like Sony or Sonos.

One of the great things about Apple's AirPods is that they are products that are less affected by the passage of time than other products from the bitten apple, because, a priori, updates do not directly affect the units. For this reason, you can use AirPods that are several years old and have them work like the first day. Next, we are going to highlight the three AirPods models that exist on the market.

Second generation AirPods

Third generation AirPods


Remember that this generation allows you to choose whether you want a wireless connection or not. Its price increases by about 20 euros, but may vary depending on the offers and promotions you find.

AirPods Pro. In Lightning version and USB-C version.


Which model is best for you?

Surely you have been shocked when you know the price of the three Apple models. However, each of them has strengths and weaknesses that directly reflect their price. We will help you choose the option that best suits you.

First of all, we have to talk about the Second generation AirPods, the most economical headphones in terms of specifications and price. Its sound quality is very good, similar to Apple's iconic EarPods. Beyond that, we have no more features, since they have a very fair autonomy and lack noise cancellation and do not include advanced features such as spatial audio.

AirPods Pro 2 case

If you are looking for a quality plus, we have the third generation AirPods, the best Apple headphones in terms of quality and price. These headphones have the same sound quality as the AirPods Pro, spatial audio and head tracking, but of course, they do not include one of the star new features of the Pro version such as noise cancellation, although the ergonomics of this generation make them have some noise cancellation.

Finally, we have to highlight the Apple AirPods, Apple's professional headphones that with their latest update offer great audio quality and noise cancellation similar to the AirPods Pro. We also have to highlight that they are the only generation that has pads, so you have practically unique comfort.