Amazon devastates the web and leaves the iPad 10 at the price of iPad 9

In the iPad line we find models focused on very different uses. If we focus on the entry range, the tenth generation iPad is positioned as a first step within the Apple ecosystem, for a reduced price, and with the design lines already updated and comparable with the rest of the range. And now, in addition, it is much cheaper on the Amazon website, thanks to a sensational discount. Do you want to know all the details? We tell you!

The tenth generation iPad is positioned as a very interesting device if we want to carry out simple tasks, consume content, play video games, and even control the home automation of our home. Whether you are looking for a tablet with which to carry documents and take points, or if you want to have “the iPad of the house”, the tenth generation model is an interesting option to consider.

However, perhaps one of the factors that make us opt for other models may be their price. It is not the most expensive iPad, but it is not the cheapest either, since behind it we have the ninth generation iPad. However, now the 10th generation is almost the same price as the iPad 9.

These models cost almost the same as the iPad 9

On this occasion, it is the iPad 10 with 64GB of internal SSD storage space and Wi-Fi connection that is on sale. Typically, this range of configurations is priced at 579 euros through the Apple Store. However, The Pink model plummets by 28% on Amazon, and its price is only 414.61 euros. Therefore, we are talking about a direct saving of 164.39 euros.

If we compare this price with what the iPad 9 costs in the Apple Store, which is 429.70 euros, the jump to the tenth generation will be cheaper, thanks to this offer. Do you want to take advantage of this discount? We leave you the purchase link right here!

As for the rest of the colors available, these have reduced their price by 25% on Amazon. And of the 579 euros that they usually cost, We have them for a price of 434.98 euros. Therefore, we are talking about a direct saving of 144 euros. For just over five euros, we can purchase the latest generation of iPad, instead of going for the 9th generation. Do you want to buy them much cheaper? Here are the direct links:

One of the best accessories with which to expand the uses of the iPad is the Apple Pencil. In this case, the Apple Pencil USB-C modifies its design and, for this model, we will no longer need an adapter to link them. So if you want to get this accessory, we recommend that you take a look at it through Amazon, so that you have an even more complete purchase.

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