Amazon gives you €15 for using Amazon Photos. Check if you can get them

With Prime Day, now you can get unlimited photo storage on Amazon Photos, plus a €15 credit when you back up your photos, so you can spend it on whatever you want. And don’t forget the great discounts on technological gadgets that we have today. You should not miss any of the opportunities that are presented to you on this important day for Amazon fans, since it is unique.

With this offer, you will have the opportunity to get unlimited cloud storage so you can save all your favorite photos and keep them safe in case something happens to them. Just click here and register to see if you can opt for this offer. And it is that Amazon has set a series of requirements to be able to access this opportunity, as you will see below.

In order to access the offer, the requirements imposed by Amazon for this Prime Day opportunity are:

  • Being an Amazon Prime customer. If you are not, you can try it for free.
  • For payments and purchases from Spain on
  • Upload at least one photo a day through the Amazon Photos app.

In within 7 days, a promotional code will be sent to you by email. It will be credited to your account and you can use it to obtain a €15 discount on the purchase of items and digital content on this platform. You can only use the promotional code until November 15, 2022, so you have time to decide what you want to buy with it. The credit will be great for buying Christmas gifts, saving you money and time on Prime Day.

Another factor to take into account is the validity of this offer, since it extends beyond Prime Day. Not only will you have it today, but it will be available until October 31, 2022. So focus on Prime Day shopping today, but don’t leave too much time to take advantage of this opportunity or it will slip away.

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