Amazon sells off the most viral Airpods accessory of 2024 at a bargain price

Apple's top headphones deserve all the care and attention from their owners. If you have spent more than 200 euros on these high-end headphones, it is best to invest a few more euros in a kit for keep them in perfect condition. Not only will it help you hear clearly, but it will also help you stay as good as new for many years.

Cleaning kit for Airpods Pro

This headphone cleaning kit is a multi-function tool designed to keep your headphones always in optimal condition. It is considered a 3 in 1 kit for many reasons. On the one hand, it has a velvety sponge, high-density brush and metal pen tip. In addition, it has a hidden double head to clean thoroughly depending on what you need.

The good thing is that your sponge is very soft and velvety, making it ideal for cleaning dust from the wireless charging case of your headphones. It is unlikely to damage any sensitive components, so don't be afraid to use it. It also has a brush Designed to easily clean dirt from the sound outlet hole of headphones and other parts. In addition, it is quite dense so that you can clean thoroughly without leaving any specks of dust behind.

This cleaning kit also includes a metal-tipped pen to clean stubborn dust and reach hard-to-clean areas. So you can remove the dirt on the joints and the narrowest areas. Best of all, it is very comfortable to grip thanks to its ergonomic handle.

So the use of each one would be the following:

  • velvety sponge: Gently wipe the dust off the wireless charging case.
  • Brush: Clean dirt from the sound outlet hole and other parts of the earphone.
  • pen tip: remove stubborn dust from the joints.

If you've never cleaned your Airpods Pro before, you'll be surprised by how much dirt will come out for the first time.

Amazon's best seller

Amazon now has this cleaning kit for only 8.99 euros. To lower the price even further, the seller has an additional 5% discount coupon to make it cheaper. The coupon is available until the end of April, so it won't sell out too soon. The good thing is that its final price will be 8.54 euros.

airpods cleaner

Luckily, Amazon has free shipping and fast home delivery so that it arrives on the same day (depending on the time you buy it). This advantage is only available to Prime customers, so take advantage to sign up and get a thirty-day trial. Don't miss the opportunity to clean your Airpods thoroughly.