An Apple Watch with micro-LED points to 2025

After the Christmas period, the time for rumors has arrived or at least the roadmap of what Apple is going to prepare for us in the coming months. While we wait for the launch of the iPhone 15 in its different variants, which will not take place until the last quarter of this recently started 2023, the time has come to talk about the Apple Watch.

The smart watch from the Cupertino company will receive a big change in the face of 2025, and it will not be its design, but its screen. Taking into account that the OLED panel of the current Apple Watch already delights users, what motivates Apple to make this decision?

According to analyst Jeff Pu, Apple is planning not only to make a change in technology regarding the Apple Watch panel, but would also take advantage of this small change to enlarge the size of it. We remember that currently the Apple Watch has a variant of no less than 45 millimeters, not counting the exuberant Apple Watch Ultra.

The rumor of micro-LED screens has been going around the Apple scene since 20129, when various analysts pointed to the first major renewal of the Apple Watch, which on the other hand never came.

We remember that Apple uses OLED panels with the launch of the iPhone X back in 2017. In theory, at least on paper, a micro-LED screen would offer better battery life considering that it is more efficient. This will significantly improve the battery of the Apple Watch due to its size and functionality, not so much on the iPhone, where it would be somewhat more complex to scratch a few minutes of battery life.

Be that as it may, the launch of an Apple Watch with a micro-LED panel as these analysts point out, It is a long way off, between now and 2025 many aspects of technology, innovation and wearables in general can change.