An image of the iPhone 15 is filtered confirming two rumors

The device that is being talked about the most, not only now, but for several months, is the iPhone 15. It seems that it will be a model that will have many changes, and that, of course, raises a lot of interest in all users. Well, an image of this new device has been leaked that confirms two of the rumors that had been making waves.

Naturally, practically since the launch of the iPhone 14, rumors about the iPhone 15 have not stopped surfacing. Obviously not everything that has come out about these devices is going to end up becoming a reality, but as they say, when the river sounds, water arrives. Well, that just seems to be what has happened with two of the most heard aspects of the iPhone 15, since an image has been leaked that confirms it.

USB-C and renewed frames for the iPhone 15

Well yes, it seems that one of the aspects most desired by all users is going to end up coming true, and that is that the iPhone 15 will have a USB-C port. The bad news is that this port will not really be the same in the normal models as in the Pro models, since one of the advantages that the top-of-the-range models will have is that the transfer of files through it will be much faster.

However, this is great news that iPhone users have been asking for for years for two main reasons. The first is power unify chargers and cablessince in this way both the iPhone, iPad and Mac will be charged with the same type of cable, and second, the possibility of being able to transfer files fastersomething that will come in handy for all those users who use the iPhone to take many photos and record many videos.

USB-C port

The second aspect that confirms the filtered image is the device frames. The change in this sense is not going to be as drastic as the one that took place when it went from the iPhone 11 generation to the iPhone 12 generation, but it can certainly be seen as roundness is present in the frames of this device. This will surely be liked by many users, since in the end it will be a aesthetic change and, above all, to the sensation that they will have when they hold it in their hand.

Also, and we continue talking about the filtered image, the material seems to be different from current aluminumsomething that agrees with the rumors that have emerged that Apple could make a new titanium iphone, which is consistent with the appearance of the device that appears in the filtered image. This, if it is finally the case, would also affect the feeling that users will have when using the device.

iPhone cameras

Undoubtedly, the iPhone 15 will give a lot to talk about, in fact they are already doing it, since it seems that they will be in charge of marking, once again, a before and after in the history of these devices. And it is that in the end, with the passage of time, many rumors are being confirmed that, of course, portend a quite powerful change within the line, something that is always welcomed by all users.