An iPhone with a removable battery? we won’t see

A new proposal of law of the European Commission has put this issue on the table, but the chances of it happening are extremely remote.

After the iPhone swaps its Lightning connector for USB-C, third-party app stores are allowed, and NFC access is made available for payments other than Apple Pay, Apple is back in the spotlight. the European Union on the issue of batteries. The European body has proposed a law in which it wants users to be able to change the battery of their smartphones easilywhich has led to talk that the iPhone could have extrapolated batteries, something that has never happened, and that is very unlikely to happen.

When it was common in smartphones from other brands to have a battery that could be replaced in a very simple way, removing a cover and changing the components without any tools, the iPhone “broke the mold” with batteries that could not be changed without taking them to the technical service. As almost always happens, after the first criticisms and even ridicule from the rest of the manufacturers, they all adopted the same measure.. Among the advantages of this design is the smaller size of the devices, its greater hermeticism and the ability to make designs with higher quality materials, such as glass. But it means that users have to go through a technical service to make the change.

Changing the battery in an iPhone XS

Going through a technical service means a higher price to change the battery, but also a guarantee that the battery is original and that its installation is correct, without damaging other components when disassembling your smartphone. In the case of Apple The prices for replacing the battery are €55 in the case of the iPhone SE, 6, 7 and 8, €75 for an X, XS, XR, 11, 12 and 13, and €119 in the case of the iPhone 14. If the user himself could make the change without any tools, the price would be considerably lower, especially in the most modern models.

What does “easily change” mean by the user? Recall that Apple has already launched a “self-repair” program in which the user can acquire everything necessary to change the battery, the screen and the camera of the iPhone. Is it easy to perform this task? There are no welds to apply, and the tools to do so are readily available. If a user wants to do it, he can do it, another thing is that it is convenient or not, each one should value it. But what is very unlikely to happen is that we will see an iPhone with a cover to change the battery.